Mini Forests

Mini Forests, also known as Tiny Forests or Miyawaki Forests, are small scale densely planted native urban forests. These forests have been successfully grown on private properties in Japan and elsewhere for more than forty years. This method of planting encourages tree communities to grow upward and to share resources, while the dense structure dissuades human interference. Successes attributed to Mini Forests include rapid growth and self-sustenance post establishment period.

Partner Sessions

Planting Forests, Not Trees: Opportunities for Corporate Sustainability with Miyawaki Mini-Forests

  • Restoring and Protecting Nature
  • Innovation, Technology and Deployment
  • Government Policy and Corporate Governance
  • Finance, Trade and Investment
Session Date
Thursday, Feb 15 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Bruce Dudley Chief of Partnerships and New Initiatives, Delphi
Heather Schibli Partnership & Engagement Lead, Dougan & Associates
Dr. Joe Huddart Biodiversity Solutions Engineer, NatureMetrics
Gillian Orris Senior Advisor, Sustainability and Impact, Canada Games Council
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