Disrupting Business as Usual.

More than 2,000 business, government, and civil society leaders gather at our signature conference – GLOBE 2020 – to share insights, find inspiration, make connections, and identify new opportunities in the clean economy.

Previous Speakers

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada Government of Canada
Robert E. Rubin Co-Chairman Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations and Former United States Secretary of the Treasury
Patsy Doerr Global Head, Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion Thomson Reuters
Melina Laboucan-Massimo Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge Fellow Lubicon Solar, David Suzuki Foundation
Michael Kobori Vice President, Sustainability Levi Strauss and Co.
Amory Lovins Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Rocky Mountain Institute
Gina McCarthy Administrator US Environmental Protection Agency
Deb Frodl Global Executive Director of Ecomagination GE
Robert Kennedy Jr. President Waterkeeper Alliance
Wim Elfrink Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions and Chief Globalization Officer Cisco

Echoes of the Forum

At GLOBE Forum 2018, an array of leaders pushed us to think in new ways and showed us the transformation to a clean economy is not just an idea – it’s a reality. Our content program – Echoes of the Forum – provides you with session videos, speaker interviews, and key takeaways and actions for accelerating the clean economy.

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Showcasing Clean Technologies.

Clean technologies come to life in the Innovation Expo, our global showcase of sustainable products, services, and ideas fresh off the lab bench. Buyers from more than 50 countries roam the aisles, looking for the next big thing.

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