Journalists currently working with recognized print, digital and broadcast newswires, business, news, industry and trade outlets and publications are invited to GLOBE Forum 2024 to report on and publish stories relevant to the content shared at the summit. Accredited journalists will have unrestricted access to open-door GLOBE Forum sessions and the media room and will be provided with a daily schedule of events.

Recognized media includes editorial staff (reporters, editors) and technical support (camera crews). Technical staff not part of a broadcast crew, non-editorial staff working for a media organization management, marketing and advertising executives, researchers, authors, and editors of directories will not be accredited.

  • All members of the media and technical support personnel MUST be pre-accredited to gain access to events at GLOBE Forum 2024.
  • Media are strongly advised to register in advance of the conference to avoid delays. Media who arrive onsite without advance accreditation may not be granted access the same day.
  • GLOBE Series may conduct additional research to confirm media legitimacy and reserves the right to decline media who do not meet the criteria.


All media applying for accreditation will be required to submit proof of employment and/or assignment by a newswire, print, digital or broadcast outlet or publication.

Please send the required documents to by Friday, February 9, 2024.


  • Any participant (media, delegate, supplier, government representative) wishing to film/record audio or video of the event must advise and obtain permission from GLOBE media team staff beforehand.
  • Requests to film/record a particular session must be provided at least one day in advance to ensure space is available in the designated filming area.
  • Camera crews must set up their gear in the approved location, 20-minutes before the start of the session.
  • The Media Centre is equipped with power plugs, a printer, Wi-Fi, and hardline internet connection.
  • Please note the Media Centre will close at 4:00pm PT on Wednesday February 15, so ensure all equipment and personal items are removed before this time.
  • Please do not leave your belongings unattended in the Media Centre. GLOBE Series does not claim any responsibility for any lost items.