Katerina Kindyni

Financial Services Sustainability Lead, EY

Katerina Kindyni leads EY’s Financial Services Sustainability practice, specializing in risk modelling, stress testing, net-zero strategies and portfolio management. As the Global product owner of EY’s Transition Risk Stress Testing solution and Emissions Decarbonization platform, she enables financial institutions to proactively manage their portfolios and build effective decarbonization strategies. 
Based in Toronto, Katerina combines strong analytical skills with practical knowledge to promote effective financial risk management. Her diverse background includes roles in credit risk modeling, portfolio management, stress testing, and credit risk analytics. Katerina has also played key roles in implementing IFRS 9 stress testing methodologies and regulatory exercises (e.g., PRA, EBA), as well as capital management strategies. 
Katerina is a member of the Centre of Climate Finance & Investment of Imperial College London and a member of the Canadian Standardization Advisory Committee on ESG, Katerina also serves on the Board of the Canadian Lenders Association.

Speaker Sessions

AI for Sustainability: Accelerating a Regenerative Future

  • Restoring and Protecting Nature
  • Reaching Destination Net Zero
  • Intersectional Track
  • Ensuring Water Security
  • Building Resilient Communities
  • Innovation, Technology and Deployment
Session Date
Thursday, Feb 15 2024 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Pauline Martin Director, Government Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft
Mohammed Hadi Director Specialist, Cloud for Sustainability, Microsoft
Nicole Janssen Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, AltaML
Katerina Kindyni Financial Services Sustainability Lead, EY
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