Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF)

C-SAF was created by leaders by over 60 airlines operating in Canada seeking to bring together key industry stakeholders and government to accelerate the commercial production and use of Canadian-made low-carbon and SAF in Canada.

Partner Sessions

Charting the Course: A Flight Plan for Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Canada (Invite-only)

  • Reaching Destination Net Zero
  • Innovation, Technology and Deployment
  • Finance, Trade and Investment
  • Government Policy and Corporate Governance
Session Date
Tuesday, Feb 13 2024 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Geoff Tauvette Executive Director, Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF)
Dr. Carol-Ann Brown President, Delphi
Elizabeth Shirt President, GLOBE Series
Managing Director, CBSR
Gary Lee Low Carbon Strategy Technical Lead, Parkland
In collaboration with