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Nothing brings a community together like the power of outdoor sports. It transforms ponds into arenas, children into champions, and strangers into lifelong friends.

Climate change threatens to put an end to outdoor sports in Canada and around the world. The local pond hockey rink has closed for good due to warm weather. Soccer games are cancelled due to extreme heat. Snow needs to be transported by helicopter to keep ski trails open.​

The challenge is great, but there is no community more passionate than sports fans. Together, we can beat climate change. Together, we can protect our favourite sports for future generations.

The Climate and Sport Initiative will bring star athletes, sports enthusiasts, and sustainability experts together to take on the greatest opponent of our time. Let’s stick it to climate change!


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About the Climate and Sport Initiative

The Climate and Sport Initiative uses sport as a platform to educate, engage and empower Canadians to protect our planet for future generations. The multi-year initiative will include a series of live and virtual public events and experiences, training and support to help athletes become climate ambassadors, and youth mentorship and engagement. It is led by GLOBE Series, The Delphi Group, and Leading Change Canada, funded in part by the Government of Canada, in partnership with the Clean Foundation, and championed by Hayley Wickenheiser. Visit our website to learn more.