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For over three decades, you’ve trusted GLOBE to bring together the right people under the same roof so that we can build a more sustainable future.

Our amazing team can also help YOU deliver an unforgettable event that wows your audience and drives the right outcomes. From game-changing conferences, to innovative networking activities, to best-in-class virtual events, GLOBE creates experiences that deliver returns for our partners and the planet.

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[The Nature-based Solutions Anchoring Event at the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit] was fabulous, both in content and execution. Your experience in event management really came through in how smoothly and professionally it ran, and your highly collaborative work with our team really enabled us to get the best possible speakers and to draw out the key messages. Elizabeth did a wonderful job as moderator in making it as interactive as possible and keeping it lively. We are very pleased with the result – it seems to me like a model for on-line events that would be hard to beat!

Patricia Fuller Ambassador for Climate Change, Government of Canada
Patricia Fuller

“GLOBE Forum 2022 was a big milestone for our organization as we continue on our sustainability leadership journey. GLOBE is always a ‘must-attend’ event, and so it was this year again. From learning opportunities for our teams to important connections to advance our intentions on several important initiatives, this year’s event managed to exceed our expectations. The GLOBE Series team is fantastic to work with – consummate professionals, thought leaders and fun colleagues as we work together toward a net-zero (and more resilient) world.”

Chad Park Vice President, Sustainability & Citizenship, The Co-operators Group Limited
Chad Park

“It was a pleasure to be a part of GLOBE Forum 2022; after two long years, our team was thrilled to be able to connect with partners and colleagues in-person again. We were pleased to participate in such timely and important discussions on clean technology and climate solutions. Aside from the ongoing impact of the pandemic, climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face – and Innovate BC is committed to working with our partners to continue to help develop home grown innovations that address the climate problem.”

Raghwa Gopal President + CEO, Innovate BC
Raghwa Gopal

“I came away from GLOBE Forum very inspired that despite the tragic effects of climate change we see ravaging our surrounding ecosystem, there is progress being made and this transition presents an opportunity to make a better world.

Much of the discussion focussed not only on reducing emissions and meeting climate targets, but incorporating much needed changes into the new infrastructure and systems including other environmental benefits, inclusivity, diversify, climate equity and justice. This is real progress. It’s easy to lose hope when you live in a part of the world that has literally burned and then washed away in less than six months, yet being part of the change feels more than rewarding- it feels like it’s meant to be. I know that with decision makers like this behind the wheel, we’re going to build a future our children will be proud of, and I am honoured to be counted among them.

Thank you GLOBE Series for this necessary and inspiring event – I look forward to continuing the discussion!”

Elisabeth Charmley Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate
Elisabeth Charmley

“The much anticipated GLOBE Forum 2022 has come and gone. And my first in-person conference since the beginning of the pandemic was an inspiring three days where the determination to reach net zero was very visible.

What became clear is that there is no silver bullet but that we must take action and set a path to a sustainable future. A big thank you to Elizabeth Shirt and team for stepping up again this year and making GLOBE such a great event.”

Susan Rohac Vice President, Cleantech Practice, BDC
Susan Rohac

“It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to participate as a Leading Change delegate this week alongside other young sustainability leaders in Canada. This was my first time attending a Leading Change Forum and I certainly hope it’s not the last!

Following the Leading Change Forum 2022, I’ve also had a fantastic learning experience at the GLOBE Forum 2022. This has been such an amazing opportunity – after so much time apart – to connect with others face to face, have insightful conversations, and to listen and learn as we look towards a more sustainable future together.

What a great week! Thank you to all the inspiring people and connections I’ve made this past week. This has been a challenging and thought provoking dialogue as we addressed issues of climate change; sustainable development; climate justice; social equity and many more important societal issues that must be addressed.

I’m leaving feeling inspired and hopeful for things to come.”

Joey Crowther Research Fellow, North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)
Joey Crowther

“What a very well-run event, staff were extremely helpful not only leading up to the event but during it. I really appreciate how all the GLOBE staff were so friendly, engaging and took the time to visit us and all the vendors.”

Graham Farmer Marketing Associate, Genus Capital Management
Graham Farmer

“This past week, I had the privilege of attending Leading Change and the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver.

While I found that many of the presentations this week defined the complexities of addressing climate change at a high-level, the one-on-one conversations were used to set action items on what’s needed to decarbonize at scale and, most importantly, reach a just net zero world.

Huge thank you to the The Delphi Group, GLOBE Series, and Leading Change for creating a space for these conversations to take place!”

Madison Savilow Chief of Staff, Carbon Upcycling
Madison Savilow

“On behalf of the ABB team, I would like to thank GLOBE Series for the INCREDIBLE event organized. Everything was impeccable, from A to Z. We appreciated the attention to detail for the hospitality, the quality and high standard of the speakers and the relevance of the content for each session.

Most importantly, we appreciated the professional and personalized support GLOBE Series provided to our team. Although you were certainly busy, we felt taken care of and treated like VIPs throughout the event.”

Rob MacPherson Commercial Director, Electrification Business, ABB Canada
Rob MacPherson

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