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Our Vision

GLOBE Series is part of a constellation of organizations that includes The Delphi Group, EXCEL Partnership and Leading Change. We work together toward a common purpose: to achieve a sustainable, prosperous and socially just future in a generation. We provide services and platforms that empower business, government and youth to improve performance while accelerating the clean economy.


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Our Convening Power

GLOBE Series convenes world-renowned events that accelerate the clean economy. For over 25 years, leaders and innovators from business, government, and civil society have come together at GLOBE events to share knowledge, leverage opportunities and find solutions. Our vast networks and convening power enable us to connect the companies, thought leaders, clean technology innovators, NGOs, financiers, and senior policy-makers who are changing the world.

Our biennial events include GLOBE Forum, held in Vancouver, and GLOBE Capital, held in Toronto.

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Our Team

Mike Gerbis Chief Executive Officer
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Chris Henderson Chairman
Alice Martin Director, Innovation
Alex Carr Director, Marketing and Communications
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Carol-Ann Brown Vice President, Innovation and Cleantech
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Bruce Dudley Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation
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Mohith VJ Kumar Director, Global Partnerships
Randall Cook Manager, Operations
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Tansy Stobart Manager, Conference Program
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Claire Melanson Manager, Partnerships and Operations
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Felicity Feinman Manager, Marketing
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Will Broad Manager, Business Development
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Karol Laurent Manager, Innovation and B2B Program
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Paul Davies Registration Manager
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Peter Pilz Marketing Coordinator
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Catherine Yoon Graphic Designer
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Lisa Milne Corporate Research and Community Engagement
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Nikki Wills Administrative Assistant
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Rachael Simpson Executive Assistant
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Raymond Belmonte Operations Coordinator
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To get in touch with a member of our team, please email info@globeseries.com

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