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Toronto 2019 Spring
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The Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business


Vancouver 2018 March 14 - 16
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Events, information, and networking for business and policy leaders pursuing a cleaner, more prosperous world.


Transforming Business
As Usual.

We deliver events, information, and networking opportunities for business and policy leaders pursuing a cleaner, more prosperous world.

Since 1993, we have held more than a dozen leadership summits that have brought together upwards of 150,000 participants from 97 countries.

Join Our Community of Sustainability Change Makers.

Our events provide an unparalleled platform for collaboration and partnership across sectors and regions. Our secret weapon? Our deep networks and exceptional convening power, which enable us to attract global thought leaders and practitioners from corporations, all levels of government, NGOs, international agencies, technology innovators, and the finance community.

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Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies to Solve Complex Problems

By Gordon Feller, Consultant - Cisco Systems & Founder - Meeting of the Minds Where and how are cities harnessing the power...

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Why Investors Need to Alter Their Decision-Making Strategy and Approaches to Risk Management

A few weeks ago, the deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, Timothy Lane, said: "Climate change and actions to...

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Building Partnerships for the 21st Century

By Gregory J Smith President and CEO, InstarAGF Asset Management Inc. Cities of the future will require innovation in both...

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Join 600+ global stakeholders at Bonn 13-14 Nov during #COP23 and accelerate the green economy! #SIF17