Paula Vieira

Paula Vieira

Director, Transportation and Alternative Fuels Division, Natural Resources Canada

Paula Vieira is the Director of Transportation and Alternative Fuels at Natural Resources Canada. For over ten years, Ms. Vieira has been responsible for providing strategic policy direction, program design and delivery related to the production and use of alternative fuels and the decarbonisation of transportation.

Focus areas include: fostering greater use of lower carbon fuels, such as biofuels, renewable natural gas and hydrogen; electrification of transportation; infrastructure deployment;encouraging consumer behavioral change and facilitating energy efficient practices and enabling fuel switching in the freight sector. Ms. Vieira is also responsible for advancing Canada’s policy and program expertise in international fora including, the BioFutures Platform, the Electric Vehicle Initiative and the Hydrogen Initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial and many others.

Prior to joining Natural Resources Canada, Ms. Vieira spent 18 years in a variety of roles at Industry Canada. Ms. Vieira is a recipient of the prestigious Head of the Public Service Award and of the United Nations’ Public Service Award of Excellence.



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Moving Goods in the Clean Economy: Utilizing Systems Thinking to Reduce Transportation Emissions

  • Climate Crisis
  • Sustainability as Strategy
  • Energy Transformation
Effective, multi-modal and collaborative transportation systems are needed to reduce energy consumption and drive cost savings internationally. However, logistics encompasses a whopping 10% of global CO2 emissions, freight is expected to triple globally by 2050, and the transportation system is simply not optimized for GHG reduction.

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