Meaghan Seagrave

Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada & CEO, Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

Meaghan Seagrave is a nationally recognized leader in the bioeconomy and has been spearheading bio-based opportunities and industrial transformation across the country for over a decade.

Meaghan’s educational and professional backgrounds include a graduate degree in chemistry, extensive experience leading a number of NGOs, and over two decades of experience in early-stage technology companies, making her a knowledgeable support to Canada’s diverse green, clean, and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Her influence is national in scope as she brings together industry and association collaborators across a multitude of science and technology disciplines to build partnerships and position Canada as a leader in the green chemistry and bioeconomy sectors.

Meaghan currently provides leadership to Canada’s only green chemistry accelerator – Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC). As a high-impact NGO, BIC is focused on providing critical strategic investment, advice and services to business developers with clean, green and sustainable technology. She is also CEO to Canada’s Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, a green-chemistry focused Venture Capital fund that focused on early-stage green investments.