Dave Photiadis

Senior Director, Delphi

As a Delphi senior director, David supports and manages client projects for Delphi’s Sustainability Services and Greenhouse Gas Management Services.  David helps clients translate energy, carbon, and sustainability information into strategic decisions to advance corporate sustainability programming and carbon management. 

David is a ‘sustainability chameleon’ with six years of experience in the sustainability and carbon management field. David leads numerous corporate carbon inventories, contributes to sustainability strategy development, and helps clients improve their CSR Reporting practices. David also plays a key role in supporting Delphi’s sustainability benchmarking services and supports client implementation of the Delphi Trident software. Prior to Delphi, David worked as a Sustainability Program Specialist at the University of Toronto Sustainability Office and as a Carbon Analyst at Zerofootprint Software, Inc. 

David has an interdisciplinary educational background in environmental resource management and a Master of Arts degree, with a concentration in business and sustainability, from the University of Toronto. 

In his spare time, David is an outdoor enthusiast, foodie, hockey lover, and wannabe traveler.  He is also committed to creating a sustainable world outside of Delphi, and is a member of the executive team for Connecting Environmental Professionals Toronto.