Celine Davis

Executive Director, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Branch, Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, Government of British Columbia

Celine is the Executive Director of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Branch. This team of professional scientists and policy analysts support strategic and innovative science and policy solutions, including the development of frameworks, strategies, and legislation. The team also assesses risks and threats to species, habitats, and ecosystems to inform the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity. She is currently leading the collaborative development of a B.C. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework. Prior to joining her current branch, she worked with numerous teams focusing on the conservation of species at risk, developing policy tools for water and watersheds, supporting nature-based solutions with First Nations and partners. Her experience working with First Nations, industry, federal, provincial, and local governments following the completion of her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Natural Resource Management, and a Maters of Science in Ecotoxicology, helped her develop an understanding of multiple views, and the importance of working collaboratively to advance solutions supporting our natural environment, community well-being and economy. Originating from the province of Quebec, Celine and her family enjoy spending time in the many mountains, forests, coast, and rivers of beautiful British Columbia.