Thursday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Room 109
  • Open door
  • GLOBE Unplugged
  • Restoring and Protecting Nature
  • Reaching Destination Net Zero
  • Intersectional Track
  • Ensuring Water Security
  • Innovation, Technology and Deployment
  • Finance, Trade and Investment
  • Circular Practices and Business Models
  • Government Policy and Corporate Governance

The durability, cost and efficiency of plastics have caused their use to proliferate across sectors and value chains of our global economy. However, the use of fossil-fuels for their production, their often “single-use” nature, and the way we typically dispose of plastics present significant challenges to accelerating a clean economy. Join this session to discuss the complexity of our relationship with plastics, the actions industry and consumers must take to reduce their negative impact on our planet, and how plastics fit in a sustainable, zero-waste future. 

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