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Meet the GLOBE Capital Community: NULIFE GreenTech

Big deals are made in our big tent. Movers and shakers from diverse sectors come to GLOBE Capital to drive transactions and accelerate growth. To inspire strategic connections, we’ll be introducing you to a sample of conference delegates in our Meet the GLOBE Capital Community blog seriesCheck back often for more insights. 

 NULIFE GreenTech 

Founders: Jerry Kristian and Brock Eidem 

HQ:  Saskatoon, SK

Elevator pitch:  

Over 2.7 billion tons of waste are generated every year. 

NULIFE diverts landfill waste to create gamechanging solutions to fight climate change. 

Waste is a significant contributor to our carbon footprint, with over 2.7 billion tons of waste generated every year. 

Low carbon or renewable fuels are the new, drop-in replacement for fossil fuels and will be key in the fight against climate change. With 24% annual market growth, this is the fuel of the future. 

Renewable fuel producers all over the world are frustrated by the oxygen reduction process. NULIFE GreenTech took a groundup approach, guided by industry feedback, and created a disruptive solution to solve this pain point. 

Our catalyst has demonstrated over twice the activity compared to the current standard and delivers many benefits, including: 

  • Energy savings through reduced operating temperature 
  • Increased throughput rate 
  • GHG reductions (a 2% throughput increase of low carbon fuels will reduce GHG emissions by over 33,000 T CO2e by replacing conventional diesel alone)  

An industry leader is pilot testing our catalyst this August in their hydrotreater. 

Our passionate team is guided by world renowned experts in environmentally friendly, renewable fuel production and is dedicated to producing the best solution available to our customers.  

We want to become the global renewable fuel hydrotreating catalyst leader and invite you to be part of the NULIFE solution. 

What are you hoping to get out of GLOBE Capital?

We are currently seeking a lead investor for our seed round and are eager to introduce ourselves to potential strategic partners. 

Bullish or bearish on the clean economy in 2021 and why?

Bullish. There are many intelligent and passionate leaders committed to finding sustainable solutions, and we are noticing there is a lot of investmentmonetary and in-kindto push promising ideas and technologies forward.  

Your take on the biggest opportunity in the clean economy: 
There’s no magic bullet. It will take many solutions. 

Best GLOBE memory
Our Founder Jerry Kristian found over $1 million to advance our project while in the lunch buffet line. (The lunch was great too!) 

If you could invite a historical figure to GLOBE Capital, who would it be and why?

Other than our fascination with Dr. Diesel, our focus is on the future and we’d love the opportunity to meet Mark Carney at GLOBE Capital. 

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NULIFE GreenTech Founders Jerry Kristian and Brock Eidem


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