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Announcing Executive Changes at GLOBE Series

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If you had asked me how long I thought I’d stay in the job when I first started with GLOBE, I probably would have told you ‘a few years.’ And yet here I am, 25 years and 18 events later…

My tenure with GLOBE is not the result of complacency. Quite the opposite – it’s a result of being continually inspired and motivated to work in an area of the economy that has been full of riches – riches in terms of ideas, people, impact and opportunity. And things in this space have never been more exciting.

It’s time, however, for a change. I will be stepping down from my full-time role at GLOBE at the end of February, and working in a part-time capacity from March through May to see through some important projects and help manage the transition. This is a personal decision my colleagues and I have been preparing for over the past year. I have other things to do, other challenges to conquer, and I plan on taking some well-deserved time off.

I’m excited to share that we have recently hired Carol Becker as the Managing Director of GLOBE Series. This is a new role designed to enable us to thoughtfully move forward in a time of growth and increasing market complexity. Carol comes to us with tremendous leadership credentials, having worked for over 25 years in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She has deep and diverse experience in event management, honed through having her own company and managing several others. She has a strong track record of optimizing teams, processes and structures so that companies can innovate and grow. As importantly, Carol shares our values and our passion for supporting and enabling the clean economy. Welcome, Carol!

It would be an understatement to say I’ve been immensely privileged to work with the colleagues, partners, clients and friends I have been blessed to get to know while working at GLOBE. You have all shaped GLOBE over the years into what it is today. Thank you for making these 25 years so richly rewarding, and so much fun!

I’m personally excited to watch how GLOBE Series and our sister organizations in the constellation evolve and grow so that they have even more impact in Canada and beyond.

I hope to see you at GLOBE Capital in Toronto in a few weeks.

Warm regards,

Nancy Wright
Chief Operating Officer
GLOBE Series


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