Tue February 26
08:30 am - 9:45 am

Impact investment opportunities have flourished in the last decade as a result of an influx of private equity and venture capital financing. According to Morgan Stanley, sustainable investment represented more than $22 trillion globally in 2016. Investment and impact could grow even further by tapping into the $100 trillion in global institutional and retail capital market funds. Hear from a diverse panel as they weigh in on the trends, challenges and opportunities in for impact investing to make inroads in the global capital markets.

Panelists: Brady Fletcher, Managing Director, TSX Venture Exchange, TMX Group | Barry Richards, Managing Director, Paradigm Capital | Jon Aikman, Finance Faculty member UoT and Queen, Pension Fund Impact Investment Advisor, Former Managing Director of Citibank | Tom Kineshanko, Co-Founder, Protos Asset Management
Moderator: Sandeep Gupta, Managing Partner, Pyfera Capital


Trade Commissioner Service Business Lounge