Our COO Nancy Wright welcomes you to Vancouver

GLOBE Series Chief Operating Officer Nancy Wright welcomes you to Vancouver in March for GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo 2018.

Come and meet the thinkers and leaders at the very vanguard of sustainability and the clean economy. While you’re in the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, take a walk on the seawall, rent a city bike and take part in the many social events that make GLOBE Week what it is.

We hope to see you in Vancouver in March.

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Solar Panel in Sunset

Innovators from the 2018 Global Cleantech 100 Companies to be showcased at GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo 2018

VANCOUVER, CANADA – January 24, 2018 – GLOBE Forum 2018, North America’s largest and longest-running international Leadership Summit on Sustainable Business, will host some of the top cleantech companies in the world that were recently recognized by Clean Tech Group (CTG) in its ninth annual Global Cleantech 100 list.

Matt Horton, Chief Commercial Officer at Proterra, will be speaking in a panel session on “Preparing for Tomorrow’s Cars Today – Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES).” Kerstin Rock, Senior VP Operations at L03 Energy, will be speaking in a panel session on “Understanding Blockchain and its Emerging Role in the Clean Economy.” Enerkem, is a producer of biofuels and chemicals from municipal solid waste via a proprietary thermochemical process and will showcase their clean technologies at the Innovation Expo.

GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo 2018 are being held in Vancouver, B.C., March 14-16, 2018, and will bring together 10,000 participants from over 50 countries.

To view the full conference program visit GLOBESeries.com/forum our list of speakers and for updates follow @GLOBE_Series and #GLOBEForum.

Members of the working press are encouraged to apply for media accreditation before March 3, 2018. Kindly note that no accreditation will be granted on the spot at GLOBE Forum 2018.