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GLOBE Advance 2020: Taking the Fossil out of Fossil Fuels – Defining Hydrocarbons’ Role for Future-Fitness

We’re excited to release our next GLOBE Advance report on the Energy Transformation Session, in partnership with the Energy Futures Lab and The Delphi Group, and sponsored by Enbridge, Suncor, and WestJet.

On the final day of GLOBE 2020, attendees had a hands-on opportunity to shape the clean economy through GLOBE Advance. Participants chose from six different session topics and then worked with experts to deliver action plans and other influential outcomes related to the topic. Each of these sessions aimed to help us go farther and faster when it comes to addressing risks and capitalizing on opportunities in the clean economy.

Report (pdf)

Innovation Pathways and Transition Finance Towards Future-Fit Hydrocarbon

Webinar Recording: Innovation Pathways and Transition Finance Towards Future-Fit Hydrocarbons

The year 2020 has brought unanticipated change to every sector and energy is no exception. With much of Canada’s current economic system reliant on hydrocarbon energy, it is more prudent than ever to examine how our hydrocarbon resources can be useful sources of opportunity and prosperity in a low-carbon future. Meanwhile, attracting capital is a major priority for the energy industry, a crisis made even more urgent by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price collapse in the first quarter of 2020. 

Building on the GLOBE Advance session on future-fit hydrocarbons at GLOBE 2020, the work of the Energy Futures Lab and other actors on related innovation, and ongoing developments in transition finance (an emerging pathway for organizations to raise capital to transition emissions-intensive sectors, facilities, and projects to lower-carbon alternatives), this session explores: 

  • What innovation pathways are key to making Canada’s hydrocarbon resources fit for the future? 
  • In light of global investors’ increasing concern with climate change and growing appetite for low-emissions/transition-oriented opportunities, how might transition finance support innovation for future-fit hydrocarbons? 
  • How might we attract greater investment into innovation and infrastructure for future-fit hydrocarbons? 


  • Jamie Bonham, Director, Corporate Engagement, NEI 
  • Jon Mitchell, Vice President, Sustainability, Suncor 
  • Erin Romanchuk, Director of Partnerships, Energy Futures Lab 
  • John Zhou, Vice President of Clean Resources, Alberta Innovates 


  • Chad Park, Vice President, Sustainability and Citizenship, The Co-operators 


  • Matt Beck, Director, The Delphi Group

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