Virtual Events

Yes, you can advance action, foster engagement, and make new connections via virtual events. Let us show you how.

GLOBE Capital 2021 conference

For 30 years, you’ve relied on GLOBE for event excellence. Now, we’re tapping into that hard-earned expertise to reinvent virtual events. You can count on us to go far beyond a typical Zoom meeting. Expect premium end-to-end event design and execution, a collaborative participant experience, and a laser focus on outcomes. 

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Create value for your organization through:

  • Top notch webinars 
  • Unique and engaging formats 
  • Virtual networking that delivers results 
  • Curated one-on-one and small group meetings 
  • Challenge dialogues 
  • Pitch sessions 
  • Virtual press conferences and media availabilities 
  • Virtual roundtables 
  • Interactive livestreams 
  • Facilitated executive engagement 
  • Stakeholder consultation 

“[The Nature-based Solutions Anchoring Event at the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit] was fabulous, both in content and execution. Your experience in event management really came through in how smoothly and professionally it ran, and your highly collaborative work with our team really enabled us to get the best possible speakers and to draw out the key messages. Elizabeth did a wonderful job as moderator in making it as interactive as possible and keeping it lively. We are very pleased with the result – it seems to me like a model for on-line events that would be hard to beat!” 

Patricia Fuller Ambassador for Climate Change, Government of Canada
Patricia Fuller

“GLOBE’s high-powered organizational team delivered our Canada-Japan webinar on clean hydrogen with quality and thoroughness, which included event design, promotion, coordination, execution, and technological support. Through GLOBE’s extensive networks and professional marketing, we attracted many more participants than originally anticipated, while GLOBE’s widespread reputation helped us attract leading speakers for the event. GLOBE was also a great source of innovative ideas and excellent problem-solvers.  Elizabeth Shirt was an excellent moderator in this hi-tech, cross-cultural, tri-lingual event.”

Pierre-Jonathan Teasdale Acting Director General, International Affairs, Environment and Climate Change Canada

“We came to GLOBE Series for their expertise in virtual events and we were not disappointed. We trusted GLOBE to manage planning, logistics, and the virtual platform, which allowed us to focus on content and outcomes. The project and speaker management were top notch. GLOBE Series was instrumental to our event’s success and the whole team was excellent to work with.” 

Bob Savage Executive Director, Planning and Performance, Emissions Reduction Alberta
Bob Savage
Virtual Event Planning

Whatever event type you choose, we will make it our mission to ensure success.

Rely on GLOBE for best-in-class event services, including:

  • Event consulting/advisory services, including program design, technology solutions and online collaboration tools 
  • Event management 
  • Experience design and gamification (including product and swag kits) 
  • Strategic marketing and positioning 
  • Targeted content development, support and delivery (multimedia, social media, web, editorial) 
  • Branding opportunities 
  • Graphic design 
  • Registration 

Case Studies

GLOBE Capital | 2021

From April 13 to April 15, 2021, GLOBE Capital 2021 brought leaders from across Canada and around the world together to create value for organizations today and build a more resilient tomorrow. Trillions of dollars are on the table. Low-carbon infrastructure is projected to reach $90 trillion by 2030. The current market for clean technologies is valued at $1.15 trillion. ESG investing has expanded into a USD$30 trillion-plus business. Capitalizing on the momentum in this space, GLOBE Capital 2021 helped break down the barriers to unlocking investment, scaling innovation, and driving transactions and deals to accelerate the transformation to a cleaner, more resilient economy.  

The three-day virtual event welcomed over 1,000 leaders for 19 plenary and program sessions, 13 side events, 24 networking rooms, and 277 curated meetings. These participants brought their ideas, energy, and commitment, contributing to deep and valuable discussions to drive action and outcomes. They also learned best practices, discussed emerging policies, and built and fostered strategic connections through our networking and curated matchmaking programs. 


Circular Economy Solutions Series| 2020-present

In partnership with Circular Economy Leadership Canada, the Circular Economy Solutions Series serves as a unique and strategic platform to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Canada. The CE Solutions Series is focused on identifying and advancing the key actions and systemic changes needed to create conditions for long-term success on the path to a thriving global circular economy.

Current tracks include: Circular North AmericaCircular PlasticsBuilt EnvironmentCircular Food SystemsMetals and Minerals, and Circular Business Leaders. 


Clean Hydrogen: Leveraging Bilateral Opportunities in Canada & Japan | 2021

Client: Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) 

Canada and Japan are global leaders in hydrogen energy innovation. Hydrogen technology holds vast potential to decarbonize multiple economic sectors and create thousands of green jobs over the next decades. Substantial opportunities exist for increased trade and investment, including collaboration between Canadian and Japanese cleantech companies to harness the potential of hydrogen power, while also advancing each country’s respective commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.  

GLOBE Series worked with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to create a two-day virtual event featuring high-profile speakers from Canada and Japan with simultaneous translation in three languages (English, French, and Japanese).  This event brought together 600+ government officials and policy experts to discuss Canada and Japan’s hydrogen strategies and trade and investment opportunities as well as connect leading Canadian and Japanese hydrogen and cleantech entrepreneurs. 


Canada’s Net Zero Future | 2021

Client: The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices 

In February 2021, the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices released its comprehensive national modelling report on how Canada can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The Institute and GLOBE Series partnered to host interactive virtual launch events to delve into the report’s findings and explore potential net-zero pathways for Canada. 

On Tuesday, Mar. 30, an additional installment dug deeper into the policy, technology and investment choices required to ensure Canada’s transition to a net-zero economy is prosperous and equitable for all. Thought leaders and an active audience explored the role of government and the newly established Net-Zero Advisory Body in advancing a net-zero transition that delivers economic, environmental, and societal benefits. The session also expanded on pivotal questions through a diversity of perspectives, including civil society, Indigenous communities, clean technology, and investment. 

The conversation continued at GLOBE Capital in two sessions focused on net-zero pathwaysDestination Net Zero: Corporate Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and Destination Net Zero: Government’s Role in Achieving Carbon Neutrality. 


Climate Adaptation Summit | 2021

The world has barely scratched the surface of what is possible when it comes to using natural solutions to tackle climate change adaptation. They have huge potential to build resilience, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, grow national economies, and deliver benefits to nature and society in general. 

10,000 participants from around the world joined event co-hosts, the Governments of Canada and Mexico, at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021) for a dynamic and interactive two-hour exploration of how natural solutions can build resilience at the global, national and local levels. 

The session considered the outcomes and lessons learned over the “Year of Action,” and identified opportunities to scale-up widespread participation in and unlock investments for nature-based solutions. It also showcased the inspiring leadership of countries, cities, Indigenous Peoples, and investors who are finding innovative financing approaches to accelerate these solutions. 

Nature-Based Solutions at CAS 2021 was supported by the Global Commission on Adaptation, the World Resources Institute, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and the Global Centre on Adaptation.