Networking and Strategic Connections

Building relationships and effective alliances is at the heart of competitive advantage.


Leaders create and use networks to catalyze innovation, diagnose the political landscape, and figure out how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Over the course of three decades, GLOBE has perfected the art of strategic connections through networking, matchmaking, pitch sessions, and challenge dialogues that deliver results. In 2020, we adapted these techniques to the virtual environment and in 2021, at the GLOBE Capital virtual summit, our curated matchmaking program resulted in over 500 matches and over 500 people took advantage of 24 targeted networking rooms.

Strategic Connections

Foster Strategic Connections

Foster strategic connections (virtually or in person) through one of the following GLOBE offerings:

  • Curated matchmaking
  • Small group meetings
  • Theme-based networking events
  • Pitch sessions
  • Challenge dialogues
  • Executive networking sessions
  • Sustainability team building exercises
  • Corporate sustainability investor days

“The Low Carbon & Circular Economy Business Action in Canada (LCBA Canada) greatly benefited from having its first Challenge Pitch Event featured as GLOBE Capital’s premium side event. This collaboration helped increase LCBA Canada project awareness and visibility among a greater number of Canadian and international green/cleantech stakeholders; our event participants also benefited from networking opportunities afforded through the GLOBE sessions. The LCBA Canada Team looks forward to exploring ongoing collaboration with GLOBE, especially towards the upcoming GLOBE Forum event in February 2022.”

José Canjura LCBA Canada Team Leader
José Canjura

Case Studies

GLOBE Capital Curated Matchmaking and Networking | 2021

Building relationships is at the heart of competitive advantage. In keeping with GLOBE’s signature capability to foster conversations and connections, GLOBE Capital 2021 curated strategic connections for delegates through a suite of virtual matchmaking and networking activities.

The Curated Matchmaking Program was built to connect delegates with investors, strategic partners, and peers to help grow and scale clean technology and innovative solutions. Our team organized one-on-one meetings catered to participants’ needs, customizing all registrants’ schedules. Registrants also had the opportunity to schedule additional meetings during our dynamic free-flow sessions.

Delegates were invited to join Networking Session blocks held each day of GLOBE Capital. A total of 24 virtual networking rooms hosted more than 539 delegates over the three days of the event. Networking rooms focused on unique and varied topics, allowing attendees to exchange ideas, insights, and experiences.


EU Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action in Canada Project (LCBA) Pitch Sessions | 2021

Client: The Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action in Canada

The Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action in Canada (LCBA Canada) successfully held its first Challenge Pitch Event with the critical support of GLOBE Series. Funded by the European Union (EU), the Action engages EU SMEs, small mid-caps, and mature startups to respond to unmet Canadian demand for low carbon and circular economy solutions. LCBA Canada aims to facilitate business transactions between Canadian buyers and EU sellers through a series of Challenge Pitch Events.

During GLOBE Capital, GLOBE Series delivered the opening LCBA Challenge Pitch Event over a three-day period (13-15 April). This involved executing both plenary programming and challenge pitches in which EU sellers presented their solutions to meet defined industry challenges. Complimentary registration allowed potential buyers and investors the opportunity to sit in on pitches, participate in formal Q&A sessions, and network with EU companies interested in expanding to the Canadian marketplace.

Trade Commissioners Service Global Cleantech Workshop: Advancing Women’s Leadership in Cleantech | 2021

Client: Trade Commissioner Service

GLOBE Series worked with the Trade Commissioner Service to deliver the Cleantech Global Workshop and achieved the objective of educating 150+ export-ready Canadian cleantech organizations on export programs and services to help increase their opportunities, networks, and deal flow. The one-day virtual event included sessions on women exporters in cleantech, access to financing, and government programs. The event also included a curated B2G/B2B matchmaking session which successfully hosted 46 unique meetings between over 50 attendees.

GLOBE Exchange | 2020

GLOBE Exchange connected capital and market opportunities with innovation to accelerate the transition to the clean economy. In the signature curated matchmaking activity, we scheduled over 750 meetings between innovators, investors and government. GLOBE Exchange also featured investor presentations, coaching for growth, opportunities to connect with young talent and other networking activities, resulting in a total of 1,500 meetings throughout the day.


Bioeconomy Competitive Analysis and Dialogue | 2019

Client: The Municipality of Trois-Rivieres Economic Development Agency

GLOBE Series and The Delphi Group were hired to lead consultations with key players in the region’s innovation ecosystem to (1) better understand the drivers and frame strategic recommendations to support the growth of the region’s bioeconomy sector, (2) increase competitiveness of the region, and (3) attract investment and talent. GLOBE and Delphi also performed SWOT and gap analyses and provided final recommendations. An innovation committee was structured as a result of this exercise, which fostered regional collaboration and supported the implementation of the actions items identified.

Foresight FPInnovations Autonomous Forklift Challenge | 2019

Client: FPInnovations

In light of the safety risks of driving forklifts in forest production facilities, FPInnovations engaged Foresight to deliver an Autonomous Forklift Challenge. The Delphi Group and partner Tessellate led the definition of the problem area, engaged the innovation ecosystem and delivered the multi-stakeholder workshop and challenge call for proposals. The challenge directly impacted over 50 forklifts within the Challenge Partner’s facilities.

Foresight Nova Scotia Hub Bioresource Challenge | 2018-2019

Client: Nova Scotia Bioresource Hub

The Nova Scotia Bioresource Hub engaged The Delphi Group to identify potential bioresource challenges with the goals of selecting a single final challenge and then seeking and attracting demonstrable solutions. Delphi managed the process and worked with the industry partners to identify the challenge area, develop a challenge paper for feedback, and organize and facilitate challenge definition workshops. Participants in the process included provincial government representatives, industry, government funding and solution providers.

GLOBE Forum Dragon’s Den Pitches | 2018

Our Dragon’s Den-style event at GLOBE Forum 2018 enabled companies to pitch their cleantech business, solution or service to a hand-picked group of interested investors. Organizations selected to take part in this activity were allocated five minutes to pitch their solution to the investor panel, followed by a 10-minute, one-to-one engagement to receive feedback and ask questions.

GLOBE Forum Rapid-fire Pitch Session and Speed Dating | 2018

As part of GLOBE Forum 2018, participants had a chance to deliver a three-minute pitch outlining their ideas or solutions to investors interested in all stages of funding. The top 10 organizations picked by investors participated in a speed dating session later in the week.