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GLOBE Series is best known as the organizer of GLOBE Forum, the longest running and largest sustainability conference and innovation showcase in North America.

GLOBE Conference

Since 1990, hundreds of thousands of people from 100 countries have come to GLOBE to learn from industry leaders, marvel at cutting-edge technology and form long-lasting partnerships.

By choosing GLOBE, you’re choosing premium end-to-end event design, seamless execution, an unparalleled network, and a laser focus on outcomes.

GLOBE Conference

Take Your Conference to the Next Level

Take your conference (in-person, hybrid or virtual) to the next level by engaging GLOBE to provide:

  • Event consulting/advisory services, including program design, technology solutions and online collaboration tools
  • Event management
  • B2B activities and trade show coordination and production
  • Experience design and gamification (including product and swag kits)
  • Curated networking sessions
  • Challenge dialogues and pitch sessions
  • Strategic marketing and positioning
  • Targeted content development, support and delivery (multimedia, social media, web, editorial)
  • Branding opportunities
  • Graphic design
  • Registration

“An excellent event at an extraordinary time of change in the global economy. The combination of corporate and government players, technology companies, and finance types made for a very powerful week.”​

Deb Frodl Global Executive Director​, Ecomagination, GE and GLOBE Forum Speaker
Deb Frodl

“BASF Canada participated in GLOBE Capital with a particular emphasis on building awareness about the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA). During this engagement the GLOBE team did an excellent job of working together with BASF and VBA to organise a Spark Talk Session and subsequent Roundtable which allowed participants to learn the highlights of VBA as well as deep dive into a more technical discussion. The GLOBE team was extremely organized with end-to-end management of the event and we were pleased with the outcome and the participation level. Thank you, GLOBE!”

Amy Sandhu Head of Sustainability and Government Relations at BASF Canada
Amy Sandhu

“Excellent gathering with a truly global audience. I left empowered and inspired by the positive energy and ambition among policy leaders, speakers and delegates.”

Arnaud Soirat President & CEO, Primary Metal, Rio Tinto
Arnaud Soirat

Case Studies

GLOBE Capital | 2021

From April 13 to April 15, 2021, GLOBE Capital 2021 brought leaders from across Canada and around the world together to create value for organizations today and build a more resilient tomorrow. Trillions of dollars are on the table. Low-carbon infrastructure is projected to reach $90 trillion by 2030. The current market for clean technologies is valued at $1.15 trillion. ESG investing has expanded into a USD$30 trillion-plus business. Capitalizing on the momentum in this space, GLOBE Capital 2021 helped break down the barriers to unlocking investment, scaling innovation, and driving transactions and deals to accelerate the transformation to a cleaner, more resilient economy.

The three-day virtual event welcomed over 1,000 leaders for 19 plenary and program sessions, 13 side events, 24 networking rooms, and 277 curated meetings. These participants brought their ideas, energy, and commitment, contributing to deep and valuable discussions to drive action and outcomes. They also learned best practices, discussed emerging policies, and built and fostered strategic connections through our networking and curated matchmaking programs.


GLOBE Forum and Innovation Showcase | 2020

GLOBE Forum is the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit and innovation showcase in North America. Since 1990, 170,000 people from 97 countries have come to GLOBE Forum to learn from industry leaders, marvel at cutting-edge technology and form long-lasting partnerships.

Given the urgency of the global climate crisis, GLOBE 2020 had a laser focus on impact, action and outcomes. Offering stellar growth and networking opportunities to thousands of corporate, government and young leaders, GLOBE was a business summit with global impact.


Clean Energy Ministerial 10 and Mission Innovation-4 | 2019

Client: Natural Resources Canada

Hosted by the Government of Canada and delivered by GLOBE Series, government representatives from over 25 countries came together to discuss the importance of a diverse and inclusive transition to a clean energy future. Over 2,500 international participants advanced the global conversation through roundtables, plenaries, side events, and an innovation showcase.


G7 Oceans Partnership Summit and Innovation Expo | 2018

Client: Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

To further the goals of Canada’s G7 Presidency, GLOBE Series and the Government of Canada partnered to organize and deliver the G7 Oceans Partnership Summit and Innovation Expo. This two-day event brought together stakeholders from all G7 countries representing industry, civil society, and the research sector to discuss themes raised in the Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities and develop recommendations and solutions.