Canadian Company Partners to the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) Share their Experiences with Carbon Pricing

In the latest Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) report, 24 Canadian companies, share examples of best practices on carbon pricing

Canada, March 15, 2018 — Canadian companies, partners in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition came together to share their past experiences and lessons learned around carbon pricing implementation in the The Role of Carbon Pricing in a Low-Carbon Transition report. Presenting a collective of companies from various sectors, the report, includes best practices for the private sector making the transition to a low-carbon economy and some recommendations for the continued development of carbon policies in coming months.

Launched at the GLOBE Forum 2018 – North America’s largest and longest running Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business, in Vancouver, Canada – the report presents businesses’ contribution to both the domestic and global conversations on carbon pricing and competitiveness. The report serves to inform both domestic and international audiences of Canada’s corporate experiences to date and showcases Canadian business responses and strategies in the evolving low-carbon landscape.

The report, represents the collective voice of companies that have taken the position to support carbon pricing in principle and in practice. Based on their experiences, they provide recommendations on how to preserve corporate competitiveness in a future with carbon pricing in place. There are many examples of best practices from across Canada on how to achieve this and the report explores them in detail.

“Canadian companies participating in the CPLC span the spectrum of the Canadian economy from finance and resource development through to transportation, construction, retail and technology. Our business models are different, but we share a common commitment to reducing GHG emissions and embracing business strategies that can maintain and grow the value of our companies during the transition to a lower carbon future.” Said Linda Coady, Chief Sustainability Officer at Enbridge, and who helped lead the work behind the report.

The questions asked in this report are designed to shed light on how carbon pricing can work in tandem with other regulations, policies, and drivers to most effectively engage companies in a positive transition to a low-carbon business model.

“This report is an important contribution to strengthening the case for a price on carbon as an important measure in addressing climate change. The leadership shown by the Canadian companies will inspire businesses and stakeholders in other countries to take a proactive role in sharing their experiences and expectations of carbon pricing, thus contributing to the kind of partnerships that will drive smart policy design” said Angela Naneu Churie Kallhauge of Head of CPLC Secretariat.

The report will be launched to coincide with the Carbon Pricing: Growing Clubs and Forging Links panel session on March 15. This panel will share expert insights on carbon pricing developments, outlooks, and why market solutions will play an essential role in meeting climate targets.

The report can be found in CPLC website resource page and following this link:


The report was prepared with the technical support of Delphi.

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) is a voluntary initiative that works to catalyse action towards the successful implementation of carbon pricing around the world. It is a global coalition of national and sub-national governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and academic institutions working to introduce and expand carbon bring policies, share experiences and enhance global, regional, national and sub-national understanding of the emerging practices in the design and implementation of carbon pricing initiatives.


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