Clean -Tech

Customized Program for Clean -Tech

If you're a clean-tech company, investor, or someone who is interested in cutting-edge technology and game-changing solutions, technology R&D and deployment, then these sessions may be of interest to you.

The Big Picture: Megatrends, Innovation and Collaboration for a Prosperous Planet

Dynamic leaders share their personal insights and expertise around the power of innovation and collaboration and chart the course on business, environment and development trends.  

Food Security and Innovation: Scaling up to Meet the Challenge

By 2050, the world’s population will crest nine billion—a 34 percent increase over today’s total. Five years ago, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicted that humans will by then need to produce 70 percent more food than we do today. This past year alone, investors moved some USD $2.06 billion into agricultural technology start-ups. These numbers will continue to grow. This session will explore the role of emerging agricultural technologies and small scale start-ups in scaling up food solutions to feed the world.

Water Integrity: Infrastructure & Innovation

This session brings a solutions-oriented outlook on water security trends to ensure access to water and catalyze economic growth. Join leading experts to learn how investment, emerging models of delegated water governance, innovation and technology deployment are scaling solutions and addressing water scarcity.  Take away key insights on how cross sector partnerships create opportunities for sustainable business and effectively conserve, manage, and distribute this vital resource.

Quantum Leaps in Natural Resource Efficiency

Natural resources, including minerals, water, energy, and land, form a basis for human society. The availability of critical resources at a competitive price is understandably a fast-growing concern for business, industry and government worldwide. This session will address these pressing concerns and the subsequent call for wiser resource use and improved patterns of production and consumption. Hear from the experts on the future of a bio-based economy, innovations in mining, and forestry.

The Future is Transparency: The Democratization of Business and the Environment

This session will look at how big, open data, crowdsourcing platforms, and social media are changing the transparency and reporting landscape.  In this interactive session, speakers will showcase how their emerging business tools and platforms are capturing a multi-dimensional view of material issues and closing the gaps between regulators, companies, and the public.

Disruptive Innovation & Technology: What will it Really Take to Move the Needle on Climate?

Research has shown that our current approach to today’s climate change challenges isn’t moving the dial far enough or fast enough. Game changing innovation and investments in disruptive new businesses hold invaluable potential to help reverse climate change and the associated ominous impacts. How can we accelerate innovation to bend down the carbon curve? 

The Transition to a Clean Energy Economy: How fast will it happen?

The transition to a clean energy economy is gaining significant momentum. At the same time, modelling and projections are often based on historical data making them poor predictors for the actual rate of future change. Gain insights based on different clean economy transition trajectories on the key factors, policy actions, and indicators to watch.

The Road from Paris & Climate Prosperity: How Carbon Action Can Re-Energize Economies

Hear from government and policy-makers on the commitments agreed to at the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and the actions required to move the agenda forward from both business and policy perspectives. The GLOBE Climate Plenary will highlight low carbon technology projects, climate change policy, and fair regulatory systems which encourage equality and ensure climate action. Emerge with the latest insights on how businesses, investors, and governments can take the next critical steps to advance climate action.

The Future of Electricity & Grid Infrastructure: Powering the 21st Century Economy

An empowered consumer, changing energy demands, distributed and renewable power supply, and the evolution of a smarter grid. How can enlightened utilities support growing interest among customers for cheap and reliable power while making the required investments in grid infrastructure?  This session will explore the future of electricity and how innovation can be applied to address the challenges and opportunities.

Future Proof Strategies & the Energy Company Transformation

A tectonic shift in the global energy market is well underway. How are corporate executives addressing the risks and seizing the potential opportunities that come with this change? Learn about the future proof strategies being adopted by energy companies at the bleeding edge of the transformation.