Session Information

C40 Green Growth Network Workshop (Invite Only)

Date: Wednesday, March 2

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: VCC Convention Centre East, Room 16

Cities are centers of economic growth and innovation: the cities of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group alone account for more than 21 percent of global GDP. By measuring broader environmental, health and social impacts of climate action, cities can establish the economic rationale to undertake green policies, drive growth and make a significant impact in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. Supporting sustainable growth and spurring innovation in the technologies that will make this type of growth a reality are a crucial part of the C40 Green Growth Network.
The purpose of the C40 Green Growth workshop at GLOBE is for participating cities to share best practice, challenges and solutions related to the following topics:
·         The relationship between city initiatives and the growth of green jobs
·         New ways to measure economic development on a city scale that capture aspects such as quality of jobs and liveability
·         The value of creating a green city brand
·         Programs to support early stage and growth stage cleantech companies
Participation in the workshop is only open to C40 city representatives.  For more information, please contact Monica Ridgway, C40 Green Growth Network Manager, at