The International Community is Gathering

Companies and organizations are hosting dozens of affiliate events that support and complement the official GLOBE 2016 program. They’re the reason this year we designated February 29 to March 4 as GLOBE Week. These side events are self-hosted and focused on specific issues and opportunities, and include private company meetings, trainings, workshops, and more. (And did we mention the parties??)  
It’s all happening at GLOBE Series — where great minds who think alike come together to support the solutions economy. Join the groups that are helping to make GLOBE 2016 the most exciting strategic business event you’ll ever attend.

The week of February 29 - March 4 is designed to create a week-long cluster of activities complementary to the GLOBE program that will serve to make Vancouver a critical stop on the path to the new economy every two years. Host to more than 30 affiliate events, from corporate sustainability meetings to workshops and training events, GLOBE Week is the collaborative space for activities that support the creation of a thriving, low carbon economy.

GLOBE Week is the most important week in North America every two years for inspired, empowered, and connected organizations and individuals that think bigger than “business as usual.”