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Advancing Intelligent Cities through Smart Partnerships: An International Mayoral Roundtable & Workshop on Smart Cities

The International Mayoral Roundtable on Smart Cities is designed to enable individual cities and regions to develop a deeper understanding of how to achieve productivity growth and operational performance improvements in their cities and regions, including in the areas of public safety and environmental sustainability, while creating a platform for revenue generation, economic growth, and the scaling of their highest-potential companies.
International delegates and participants from across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia, including Mayors and Council representatives, smart city corporate leaders, and R&D / academic players, will come together to identify key partnership opportunities to enable the development of more vibrant global smart cities. 
Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how they can co-operate and share resources to enable them to find their respective niches in the applications of Smart Cities and all the associated technologies whilst also enabling their respective local companies to participate in the global supply chains that implement these solutions world-wide.
Nature of participants:
1. Local mayors and senior municipal officials;
2. National and international mayors and senior officials;
3. Other government officials (e.g. regional, provincial, federal government);
4. R&D and academic institutions;
5. Investors and financial players active in the smart cities / technology space; and
6. Key corporate actors and global technology leaders.

Zero Emissions, Big Business: How Can the Private Sector Help Cities Deliver on the Promise of Paris?

How can businesses help cities deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement? Come and listen in as global urban resilience leaders highlight the emerging opportunities as local governments cut carbon and commit to 100% renewable energy targets.  How do robust municipal climate and energy policies spur job creation and business development at the city scale? How do these policy signals attract investment? How will the private sector help foster better more livable cities? Take away the latest intelligence on the mutual benefits of ambitious targets and promising opportunities for business in the renewable cities of tomorrow.

Pedal to the Metal: Accelerating EV Market Adoption

The recent rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is a promising sign that the market might be ready for a new age of mobility. What do consumers want when it comes to EVs and what will be the key motivators to their adoption? How can policy and infrastructure investments further support the transition? Learn about the latest outlook on EVs and how jurisdictions are working together to accelerate their market adoption.

Climate Cool: Designing and Financing Innovative Eco-Resilient Infrastructure for Cities & Coasts

More than half of the world's population now lives in cities.  It is estimated that 90 trillion of investment dollars is required in climate-smart infrastructure over the next several decades, which creates tremendous opportunities for business and government to collectively solve infrastructure related challenges.  What innovative financing models and mechanisms are enabling this investment around the world?  What is the role of innovation in design, engineering, technology, and community engagement as we prepare for extreme weather events? Hear from key players on the role of investment and green infrastructure in catalyzing resiliency to meet the climate adaptation challenge.

Wild Weather Forecast: Tackling the 'New Abnormal’ in Canada’s Natural Resource Sector

More frequent and costly severe weather – from prolonged droughts to intense precipitation events – has become the “new abnormal” in Canada and beyond. Industry, governments and communities alike are grappling with this emergent source of risk for good reason. The cost of natural catastrophes worldwide is dramatically on the rise, introducing new and elevated risks to employee safety, infrastructure, supply chains, operational continuity and social license to operate.

Leading natural resource development companies, industry associations, academic institutions and government agencies are taking severe weather more seriously.  This interactive session provides a timely opportunity to learn, share ideas and collaborate on the latest developments in this area.  Come join us!

With the Support of Natural Resources Canada

Evolution of Communities: Unravelling the DNA of the Modern Smart City

Welcome to the future of smart cities and robust, self-healing grids. In this session you’ll hear from government and business leaders who are working to implement information communication technologies. Don’t miss this hands-on experience with emerging information communication technologies and the unparalleled opportunity to learn about smart city business models and how to implement and scale up initiatives that have a positive impact on your urban environment.

Modern Wood Buildings: Naturally Innovative

Despite being one of the world’s oldest construction materials, we are only now beginning to harness its potential in new, modern buildings, due to the very sophisticated, high-performance engineered wood products that are available today.  Speakers are prominent champions of sustainability benefits of advanced wood products and systems in building construction, including a world renowned speaker on sustainability in architecture; an expert in the field of timber engineering, a professional responsible for development of UBC’s institutional buildings including a new student residence that will be one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, at 18 stories. This session will share environmental benefits of modern wood buildings, followed by Q&A. Conference attendees seeking more info may also visit the Natural Resources Canada booth within the Government of Canada pavilion to view a model display of a tall wood building.  

A panel session hosted by Natural Resources Canada