Session Information

Industrial Revolution 4.0: How Waste Prevention Can Boost the Bottom Line and Drive Circular Economy Innovation

Date: Friday, March 4

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre East, Meeting room 11

Format: Workshop

Preventing waste is one of humanity’s most urgent issues, but also a powerful lever for change – with significant benefits for businesses, governments and citizens striving to boost sustainability and achieve ambitious climate goals.  By convening coalitions of problem-solvers – policy-makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors and designers –  and rethinking our products and processes with waste prevention in mind, we can scale up innovative solutions in pursuit of a circular economy where materials and resources are kept in use for as long as possible and concepts such as durability, disassembly and sharing really count.
Join Canada's National Zero Waste Council to hear how waste prevention can power innovation and a reinvigorated economy in Canada and beyond.

Topic Speakers

Dagmar Timmer is the Managing Director - Strategic Initiatives of One Earth, a nonprofit "think and do" tank she co-founded in Vancouver catalyzing action on sustainable consumption and production issues. Dagmar is a facilitator, researcher, policy analyst, and activist with a passion for dialogue and translating ideas into action. One Earth collaborates with partners to highlight the links between who we are, what we buy, where we live, what we make, what we trade, and how we live together. The One Earth team is working towards North American leadership in this area, with partners including the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and the National Zero Waste Council. Our recent report, Local Governments and the Sharing Economy, explores the question: how can cities strategically engage with the Sharing Economy to advance sustainability? One Earth is a co-founder of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption and is co-leading a global campaign to create positive and compelling visions of life in sustainable futures.

Dagmar co-hosts the award-winning Metro Vancouver TV show The Sustainable Region as well as Metro Vancouver Closeup. Dagmar writes and teaches on sustainability, including as facilitator of the award-winning Summer Institute in Sustainability Leadership at the University of British Columbia. She has been actively involved in sustainability policy, research and action for nearly two decades and has extensive international experience. She advanced forest conservation at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Geneva. Then, with the World Agroforestry Center in Nairobi, she was part of the core team for a program facilitating a network of rainforest-agriculture margin research sites. Dagmar holds an MA in Political Science.