Finance and Investment: Risks & Opportunities

Finance Innovation for Scalable, Global Technology Deployment

How are concrete strategies and solutions being developed to support a robust financial system for scalable, global technology deployment? What existing and new mechanisms can move large private sector capital from the “crowd”, as well as from large institutional investors like pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, to where it is needed in order to finance commercially viable enterprises and projects? This session will explore the megatrends in policy and finance innovation that are helping drive the transformation towards a low carbon economy and society.

ESG Integration and Investment Decision-Making: Candid Discussion with Investors

Over the past decade, investor views have shifted from skepticism to certainty that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues will impact stock performance. How does this point of view impact stock valuations and selection processes in reality? And how can corporate CFOs and finance teams better articulate the business case for sustainability-related investments to their investors?
Transforming aspiration to action is a challenge that is best addressed through a collaborative plan of action from companies and their investors. GLOBE 2016 presents a candid discussion with investors to better understand their expectations on corporate ESG performance, and how companies can be rewarded for meeting these expectations.

Green Economic Development: Global Best Practices for Job Creation & Investment

With a global market for environmental products and services estimated at $5 trillion and expanding quickly, there is a growing appreciation for the significant business, investment, and employment opportunities that come from the transition to a lower-carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive green economy. At the same time, there is a lack of consistency in linking green growth policies, goals, and objectives with quantifiable economic impacts and outcomes. This session will explore the opportunities that come from the transition to a low-carbon economy, placing a ‘green’ lens to economic development program and policy best practices.

Financial Inclusion and Fiscal Reform: A Global Perspective on Enhancing Sustainable Prosperity

Over the past two decades, economic growth has lifted more than 660 million people out of poverty. Approaching related issues through a global lens, foremost speakers will look at how financial inclusion, the way we tax, regulate, and encourage fiscal reform can have a positive impact from a social and environmental perspective. This applicable session will also share a practical toolbox on the role of innovation in improving social, economic, and environmental prosperity.

Impact Investment for Generations: Hitting the “Sweet Spot”

Impact investing is booming globally. What’s the potential for social enterprises to deliver Profit while also generating People and Planet outcomes? Join leading experts from the global impact investment community as they debate the current state of the global impact investment markets, prevailing challenges, and future agendas. Be inspired as leaders showcase the current geographical breakdown of both social and environmental investment projects and explore how we can increase the pipeline of ground-breaking projects and achieve durable impact for many generations to come.

The Carbon Bubble: Managing Financial Risks of Stranded Assets

Recent science suggests that the lion’s share of fossil reserves must stay in the ground if the earth is to keep below two degrees of warming. How are investors and pension fund managers responding to the potential for stranded assets? What is the balanced approach to risk analysis and capital management? How can we promote synergy between corporations, policymakers, technology companies, capital markets, investors, analysts and rating agencies?

Climate Change Risk Management: How Accountants and Sustainability Executives Are Teaming Up To Build Resiliency

Businesses in Canada and around the world are being buffeted by severe floods, devastating droughts and resource devastations. These catastrophic events are creating a host of operational, financial and regulatory issues. Increasingly, accountants are identifying the risks and opportunities, producing value-creating strategies, and ultimately helping organizations adapt to climate change. Discover how finance and sustainability executives are collaborating to help organizations address climate change risks and maximize opportunities by linking sustainability to a broader business agenda.

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