Featured Sessions

Premiers' Armchair Dialogue

Canada’s provincial governments have made a clear and unequivocal commitment to acting on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This high-profile GLOBE 2016 session will have Premiers from key provinces share how alternative approaches to climate action are viable within a Canadian national framework. Premiers will also delve into how climate action can be a catalyst for economic development, clean technology, job creation, trade through impact, and targeted investment. The session will offer insight into national discussions which would be just concluded.

Mayor's Roundtable: At the Forefront of a Low Carbon Future

Cities stand on the front lines of climate disruption. But they’re also a lead solution to the global crisis. Cities have been the most entrepreneurial on climate policy, have been nimbly shifting to a low-carbon future, all the while growing their local green economy. they open up efficiencies and economies of scale with respect to services, urban planning, transportation networks, resource recovery, and much more. In this spirit, we’re presenting a star international lineup of mayors who are leading the way for senior governments with ambitious renewable energy targets and smart green infrastructure investments. These leaders will outline their innovations, share successes, compare notes on ongoing challenges, and outline post-COP21 plans and objectives. A GLOBE Series “must-see session.”

Purpose and Profit: 21st Century Business Models Driving Sustainability

Caring for people and the planet no longer needs to be at the expense of profit.  We have witnessed firsthand how stewardship of people and planet can, in fact, support the bottom line.  This session will explore social purpose business models as drivers of innovation and highlight leading companies with a clearly defined social mission. Experts will share practical insights on strategy, marketing, innovation, and how they have successfully generated value and social impact while increasing profits.  Get access to the latest inside knowledge required to stay ahead of the curve and successfully integrate purpose and profit into your business model.

Join THNK School of Creative Leadership in an interactive session, where together with a panel of experts, we learn from leaders whom have thrown conventional structures aside by reframing limiting perceptions and assumptions.  Come away inspired with new insights, the ‘how to’ on application of the THNK Reframing Tool and leverage your experience to drive your desired impact and future success.

In collaboration with THNK

Activating your GLOBE experience with THNK

THNK’s signature leadership and innovation programs equip 21st century leaders through immersive experiences that foster resiliency and catalyze personal and collective impact.

From Paris to Practicalities: Policy Play & Role of Business in Climate Action

A historic agreement was reached in Paris when 196 countries agreed on a non-binding framework to address the global climate change challenge. The question remains, how will the private sector and governments make the directives from Paris a reality? Furthermore, what is the role of business in these directives and how will companies apply a combination of voluntary and regulatory measures to contribute to mitigation, adaptation and other climate priorities?

Transformational Companies: Role of Business in delivering Solutions

What is the role of business in society?  Transformational companies act on emerging needs of all stakeholders and deliver environmental, social, and economic solutions.  This session aims to inspire delegates to understand how business can in fact transform entire systems through power decentralization and scale impact through policy advocacy to reshape entire markets.  The journey requires transparency and authenticity.  It requires removing market barriers to scale solutions and cross sector collaboration to create shared value and resiliency.

Communicating Sustainability Value: The Power of Emotions, Compelling Storytelling and Visuals

At the heart of innovation, are people, needs and patterns of behavior.

We know that brands have a massive influence on the way we think about our role in society and ability to influence change.  An organization’s brand identity and communications platform can be a powerful disruptor and catalyst for change in society. Organizations leading by example effectively engage, educate and compel people to act on key social and environmental challenges. Today, more than ever, we need organizational brands as advocates leading people to a new climate reality and a more prosperous planet.  So how are leading brands, NGOs and Governments flexing their muscles, using their voice to communicate sustainability value and scaling action by designing for the need of their stakeholders?
In this special session, THNK School of Creative Leadership will explore how design empathy works and share from industry experts about it’s role in their business and how it can be used to effect change through THNK’s User Empathy Tool, a step-by-step guide to putting the people you serve at the centre of your business and brand.

In Collaboration with THNK

Activating your GLOBE experience with THNK

THNK’s signature leadership and innovation programs equip 21st century leaders through immersive experiences that foster resiliency and catalyze personal and collective impact.

Disruptive Innovation & Technology: What will it Really Take to Move the Needle on Climate?

Research has shown that our current approach to today’s climate change challenges isn’t moving the dial far enough or fast enough. What are the game changing strategies that accelerate innovation in a resource-constrained world?  How are leaders driving the multi-trillion dollar new energy economy and how can business maximize growth from breakthrough deployment and R&D investments?  Join leaders as they demonstrate how they have launched and leveraged exceptional breakthrough innovation and technologies to maximize resource efficiency, drive economic performance and accelerate innovation to bend down the carbon curve and make our economy more sustainable.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

Join Michael Porter, one of the world’s most influential thinkers on management and competitiveness, as he shares his views on energy markets, the vital need for collaboration, and what has to happen in order to speed the transition to a cleaner-energy, lower-carbon future, and create a win-win plan for the economy and the environment while meeting the goals of industry, environmental stakeholders, and governments.  Following Michael’s keynote will be a dynamic discussion featuring Canada’s top energy CEOs and civil society leaders from Canada and the US.

Brand + Sustainability in the Age of Transparency

Today, more than ever before, businesses are recognizing the significant impact they have on every aspect of our environment, society, and our global economy. How does a brand define itself in this new era? Can awareness and action on the environment include innovation, productivity, customer growth, economic growth and better communities?  How do brands successfully communicate the complex issues they face in this digital economy?  What is the role of data and technology in synthesizing brand challenges and opportunities? This session explores some of the challenges and opportunities brands face in storytelling their efforts in social impact and sustainability, and how storytelling can, in fact, be used as a platform to mobilize a call to action.

In Collaboration with NewCo and Kumu Agency

GOING FORWARD PLENARY: Accelerating Sustainability & Catalyzing Business Leadership for the Environment

Hear from government and policy-makers on the commitments agreed to at the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and the actions required to move the agenda forward from both business and policy perspectives. The GLOBE Climate Plenary will highlight low carbon technology projects, climate change policy, and fair regulatory systems which encourage equality and ensure climate action. Emerge with the latest insights on how businesses, investors, and governments can take the next critical steps to advance climate action.

From Zero to 60: Collaborating Together, Sustainability Pioneers and Emerging Leaders

Many companies are dealing with a profound shift in workplace culture and shifting expectations of what it means to work in a meaningful, productive and satisfying way. A generational shift in values has produced a striking amount of the workforce who doesn’t feel that they fit into the mold of the 9-5, top-down managed structure-but showing preference for more flexible environments where creativity and innovative thinking are encouraged and rewarded.

This session will explore different perspectives on how to break down barriers to the perceived generational divide by hearing from established and emerging leaders in the sustainability space, and challenge your beliefs about the best ways to capitalize on youthful energy in your organization.