Corporate Sustainability 3.0

Supply Chain Innovation & the Value of Collaboration

Supply chain disruptions can really ding performance. How are leaders collaborating with upstream suppliers to implement solutions across the full value chain? Explore how risk management processes and innovation can create competitive advantage and boost profits. The session will address global supply chain risks, such as resource-commodity scarcity, energy and fuel price fluctuations, and human rights issues. Join thought leaders as we map out the evolution of supply chain management maturity cycles and explore leading strategies in traceability, supply cost reduction, and collaboration.

Culture Capital: Empowering Employees to Drive Change

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Brand leaders are investing in cultural capital by connecting purpose and strategy for their competitive advantage. But you can’t have an effective corporate sustainability strategy unless bring your employees into the picture. They’re in the best position to identify inefficiencies and propose solutions. In this session, you’ll hear from leading brands on how they have effectively empowered, incentivized, engaged, and invested in their people to help them more effectively compete in the global solutions economy.

How High-Powered Corporate Boards are Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Strategy

The license to operate for many companies is under pressure. A public call for transparency, accountability, and better governance is impacting how companies operate and the oversight they require to successfully navigate opportunities, risks, and returns. Boards of Directors are increasingly embracing sustainable business principles and strategies that can simultaneously protect nature, people, and financial value creation. Find out the optimum strategies for structuring and incentivizing a high-powered board in order to embed sustainability as core to your corporate strategy.

Quantum Leaps in Natural Resource Efficiency

Natural resources, including minerals, water, energy, and land, form a basis for human society. The availability of critical resources at a competitive price is understandably a fast-growing concern for business, industry and government worldwide. This session will address these pressing concerns and the subsequent call for wiser resource use and improved patterns of production and consumption. Hear from the experts on the future of a bio-based economy, innovations in mining, and forestry.

The Future is Transparency: The Democratization of Business and the Environment

This session will look at how big, open data, crowdsourcing platforms, and social media are changing the transparency and reporting landscape.  In this interactive session, speakers will showcase how their emerging business tools and platforms are capturing a multi-dimensional view of material issues and closing the gaps between regulators, companies, and the public.

Update on the Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainability Reporting Trends

Co-presented by GRI and the Delphi Group (Canadian GRI Community Leader)

GLOBE 2016 Context:
Corporate transparency, disclosure and reporting remains a priority for leading companies on sustainability. In parallel, reporting norms and best practices continue to change and evolve in-step with stakeholder expectations.
Session Objective:
Facilitate a discussion of current trends and emerging themes for reporting within the Canadian context. Included will be a discussion of how to best generate business value from reporting efforts.
·        Trends Globally for Sustainability Reporting in 2015 and 2016
·        Discussion Regarding Key Components of the GRI G4 Standard
·        Defining the business case for reporting
·        Alignment Between the GRI and Other Frameworks.
Note light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

The Essence of Ecology: How Culture, Community and Conservation are Expressed in Sustainable Products, The Interface Story, and More

Immerse yourself in the design vision of Pond Studios.  David Oakey, is a passionate advocate for how businesses, designers, and educators can learn from nature. This visual, tactile and inspiring session shall speak to how nature’s design principles and of nature herself can be expressed in sustainable products. David will share the abundance of endlessly-renewable, continually-inspiring natural world and the practice of biomimicry as a dynamic solution to design, manufacturing, and business problems, in partnership with nature. Dive In!

B Corp Movement: A Powerful, Disruptive Idea for a Better World!

People in 40+ countries are seeing a new kind of company mobilize people, capital and ingenuity to tackle social and ecological challenges.  The number of certified Beneficial corporations (B Corps) has grown to 1600 world-wide, with 150 in Canada.  B Corp status trumps traditional approaches in that it truly frees ambitious entrepreneurs to put broad, shared value into their business models and activities.  Might this new movement be the one that finally sees a critical mass of businesses creating economic, social and environmental value? Is the B Corp standard what the world needs?  This session, hosted by certified B Corp BDC, will explain why the approach is uniquely powerful and feature real-world entrepreneurs who explain how their firms succeed.