Session Information

Ideas into action: Activating your GLOBE experience with THNK

Date: Friday, March 4

Time: 10:00am - 11:00am

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre East, (Meeting Room Level) Room 16

Format: Workshop

Over the course of your GLOBE experience, you have been inspired and energized by new connections but how do you keep the momentum and more importantly, translate it into meaningful personal impact back at HQ?

Join THNK for this closing workshop where we’ll take a collective deep breath and reflect on the week’s ideas, insights and intentions. Where were the a-ha’s, the big shifts and the opportunities that emerged?

Then, utilizing THNK’s Assumption Testing techniques, we’ll explore what might get in the way of acting on these. Are there limiting beliefs, competing commitments and make-or-break assumptions that are holding you and your team back? How do you start to work with, or remove the blockers to success? This is the session where you learn new tools for your own impact and leave armed with inspired clarity and ambition.