Communities, Partnerships, & Communications

Scaling Up Impact: Innovative Collaborative Partnerships Driving Sustainability

Business won’t solve big global challenges without multiple actors in the room and around the table. But how do they get there, and what conditions need to be in place that ensure these cross-sector and collaborative collaborations remain productive? Learn from those who have been there before, and who have set up partnerships that have had strong social, ecological, and business outcomes. Lean how well-designed partnerships boost accountability and innovation.

Power to the People: Next Generation Voices on Indigenous-Society Sustainability

This session is all about the power of potential.  A participatory Circle Conversation, open to all session attendees will explore how the emerging generation of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous leaders can collaborate on sustainable and impactful business ventures in the Clean Energy, Ecotourism, High Tech, Sustainable Transport and the Cultural sectors, globally.  The session will include a Twitter dialogue to complement the open conversation, and be kicked off with a culturally-grounded expression.

Real Reconciliation: An Indigenous-Business Accord for Sustainable Resources Development

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission made a clarion call for a new era of people-centered and respect-based relationships between Indigenous Communities and Canada.  This interactive session, catalyzed by insightful and informed speakers, shall seek to forge an Indigenous-Business Accord for Sustainable Resources Development for traditional sectors such as energy, mining, transport, forestry, and emerging ones including Cleantech and digital platforms.  It’s time for Indigenous-Business trust-building through enterprise, employment and enlightened economic development.  Join this frank, open and constructive dialogue.

Collaboration, Innovation and Climate Change Action Across Canada’s Vast Boreal Forests

Hear from forest company executives, leading environmentalists and others as they describe the progress and challenges of collaborating across sectors on conservation and sustainable development across the breadth of Canada’s largest terrestrial ecosystem, the boreal forest. (This session will involve a tour of a giant map of Canada.) Working together with Indigenous Canadians, provincial governments, the Canadian federal government and others, collaborating forestry companies and environmentalists are working to set a global precedent for boreal forest conservation and forest sector competitiveness. This agreement is arguably the most ambitious conservation initiative of its kind in the world and you will emerge from this session with knowledge about the values of this vast ecosystem and insights from the frontlines of cross-sector collaboration and the opportunities and challenges of this approach to advancing sustainability.

Ideas into action: Activating your GLOBE experience with THNK

Over the course of your GLOBE experience, you have been inspired and energized by new connections but how do you keep the momentum and more importantly, translate it into meaningful personal impact back at HQ?

Join THNK for this closing workshop where we’ll take a collective deep breath and reflect on the week’s ideas, insights and intentions. Where were the a-ha’s, the big shifts and the opportunities that emerged?

Then, utilizing THNK’s Assumption Testing techniques, we’ll explore what might get in the way of acting on these. Are there limiting beliefs, competing commitments and make-or-break assumptions that are holding you and your team back? How do you start to work with, or remove the blockers to success? This is the session where you learn new tools for your own impact and leave armed with inspired clarity and ambition.

Visions 2100 Project – Recalibrating Environmental Communications

Psychological research shows that positive psychology helps build permanent changes in brain connections and consequent behaviours. This is the missing element in climate change communications: rather than scaring people into action, we must instead attract people to build a better world for themselves and their grandchildren. The VISIONS 2100 Project has assembled 80 stories of positive futures – visions – from the world’s leading environmental thinkers. This session will introduce the theory behind the project, hear some of these inspirational stories from the authors, and explain how you can get involved.