Global Market Sessions

Unlocking India’s Green Potential: Embracing Clean Technology, Resilient Infrastructure, and Sustainable Policies

With a population of 1.2 billion, India is the second most populous country in the world. India will have more than 68 cities with populations of greater than one million people by 2030 where more than 40 percent of Indians will live. According to the World Bank, ecosystem degradation in India currently costs the country $80 billion annually, or 5.7 percent of GDP. Improving economic conditions in India while considering the environmental and social impacts of development and urbanization is essential as part of this transition.  The country is looking to break the cycle of resource depletion, as well as land, water, and air pollution, by embracing environmental and sustainable policies and investments in areas that include resilient infrastructure, renewable energy, clean technology, and innovation.  Investments in clean energy are expected to surpass USD 10 billion in 2015 alone.  Learn about India’s massive green potential and explore the opportunities for new business.

Spotlight on ASEAN: Capitalizing on the Market Opportunities in Sustainable Infrastructure & Technology

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and the Master Plan for ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) initiatives are helping establish Southeast Asia as a center for global trade by building stronger connectivity and modernizing infrastructure that includes intermodal transportation, information and communication technology (ICT), and energy networks. GLOBE 2016 will shine a spotlight on ASEAN and serve as an international platform to raise awareness for the sustainable infrastructure and technology business, investment and partnership opportunities throughout the region.

The Spotlight on ASEAN will feature conference program content specific to market needs and sustainable infrastructure financing, as ASEAN Pavilion on the GLOBE Innovation Expo floor, a business-to-business (B2B) match-making program, and relevant site visits for visiting delegations from Southeast Asia.

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Accelerating China’s Green Transformation: Catalyzing Business, Partnership & Investment Opportunities

China’s rapid industrialization has led to unprecedented economic growth over the last several decades that has come with both positive and negative consequences. Urbanization is also quickly shaping China’s future. If current trends hold, an additional 300 million Chinese will become urban residents by 2030, consuming as much as four times more energy and two and a half times more water per capita than rural Chinese.  How is China managing these shifts and resulting impacts on the environmental and society more broadly? Find out in this market session about current policy priorities (including the Thirteenth Five-year Plan starting in 2016) and learn about the business, investment, and technology opportunities that will help China with its transformation to a greener, lower carbon mega-economy.