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GLOBE 2014

The utility sector is facing many challenges that could radically change how the industry develops. Escalating operating expenses, falling or flat energy demand, and growing consumer interest in clean and efficient solutions are forcing utility companies to reassess their strategies and explore new business models. This session provides insights from those who are at the forefront of these changes and will highlight technology trends impacting the market (such as distributed solar, smart grid applications, and energy storage), samples of utilities with leading programs, and how energy users are starting to engage more collaboratively with their energy providers.

Speakers Include:

Yonker, BryceBryce Yonker, Director of Business Development,
Clean Edge, USA

Bakal, DanDan Bakal, Director, Electric Power Programs,
Ceres, USA

Burpee, JimJim Burpee, President & CEO,
Canadian Electricity Association

David HelliwellDavid Helliwell, CEO,
Pulse Energy, Canada

Tags: Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Clean Technology

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