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GLOBE 2014

The magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events in North America has grown steadily over the last 15 years, culminating in 2013 with a record natural disaster insurable loss of $3 billion in Canada alone, due largely to major floods in Alberta and Ontario. To help better prepare for ongoing extreme weather events, this session will address two critical subjects. First, property and casualty insurers will profile the losses they are currently realizing due to extreme weather, and the actions that the sector believes must be addressed to sustain an insurable housing market. Second, industry and government leaders will recount their “real world” lessons with recent catastrophic floods, and share broadly applicable lessons that others should embrace to reduce vulnerability to extreme weather.

Speakers Include:

Feltmate, BlairBlair Feltmate, Chair, Climate Change Adaptation
Project, University of Waterloo, Canada

Rob WessellingRobert Wesseling, Executive Vice President, The Co-operators
Group Ltd. & Product & COO, The Sovereign
General Insurance Company, Canada

O'Reilly, Mary LouMary Lou O’Reilly, Senior Vice President, Issues Management & 
Communications, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Canada

Andre CorbouldAndre Corbould, Chief ADM, Flood Recovery Task Force,
Government of Alberta, Canada

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