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GLOBE 2014

Many of the mega-trends influencing food and water security are going in the wrong direction. As we look to the future addressing these trends will require innovation and unprecedented levels of capacity scale-up. The “next green revolution” will require new energy sources, smart irrigation and nutrient systems, and storage and transportation systems that are less reliant on traditional approaches. How can we innovate and transfer these practices in order to realize the global opportunities? How can we promote economic and social well-being for billions of people while, at the same time, ensuring that the ecosystem can sustain these benefits?

Speakers Include:

Bruce DudleyBruce Dudley, Senior Vice President,
Delphi Group, Canada (M)

Laurence BlandfordLaurence Blandford, Director, Partnerships Division,
Climate Change International, Environment Canada

Whittaker, RickRick Whittaker, Vice President of Investments & CTO,
Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Canada

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