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GLOBE 2014

Water is not only a necessity of life, but also a vital factor for business survival. Many sectors actively compete for secure access to water, and the management, treatment, and delivery of water has become a massive global industry. How can the interests of all parties be met equitably? Join this panel of industry experts and insiders as they discuss the business of water today and in the future.

Speakers Include:

Latham, ToddTodd Latham, Founder & Publisher,
Water Canada

Rich Biz Card PhotoRich Cavagnaro, CEO,
Adedge Water Technologies LLC, USA

Al ChoAlbert Cho, Vice President for Strategy and
Business Development, Xylem Inc., USA

McKaigue, ShaunShaun McKaigue, CEO, FEr-PAL Infrastructure Ltd., Canada

Jane PagelJane Pagel, Former President & CEO,
Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), Canada

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