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GLOBE 2014
The circular economy is now gaining the attention of business, governments, and the next generation as the model to transform today’s “take-make-dispose” economy into one that is restorative by design. The concept aligns business models with product and material design to decouple growth from resource constraints and drive the innovation of better products and services. Sessions in this theme explore how businesses are now using the circular economy to increase productivity, grow market share, and drive innovation.
  • A New Era for Business: Emerging Drivers of the Circular Economy

    Thursday, March 27 / 10:45am - 12:00pm

    In the face of sharp volatility increases across the global economy and proliferating signs of resource depletion, the call for a new economic model is getting louder. In the quest for a substantial improvement in resource performance across the economy, businesses have embraced innovation as a saviour. This session will explore the “size of the prize” and the strategies businesses are using to practically capture the opportunities. Listen and learn more about the emerging drivers of the circular economy.

    Speakers Include:

    Vanessa TimmerVanessa Timmer, Executive Director & Co-founder,
    One Earth, Canada (M)

    Jamie Butterworth, Chief Executive,
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom

    Bruce LourieBruce Lourie, President,
    Ivey Foundation, Canada

    Cristian BarcanCristian Barcan, Head of S.E.T. & Applied Sustainability,
    BASF Corp., USA

    Dayna Baumeister to Speak at GLOBE 2014Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder,
    Biomimicry 3.8, USA

    'Sustainable Leader 2013', Peter Laybourn, to Speak at GLOBE 2014Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive,
    International Synergies, United Kingdom

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management, Public Policy


  • SPARK Talks: Sustainable Design - Biomimicry & Cradle-to-Cradle

    Thursday, March 27 / 2:45pm - 3:45pm
    Room 11

    As in nature, with “biomimicry” and “cradle-tocradle” design concepts there is no such thing as waste. Using the same nutrient cycle principles found in nature, the right materials are always in the right place at the right time. This session explores how these sustainable design concepts can be applied as engines for innovation to address complex issues and challenges across all industries and sectors.

    Speakers Include:

    Dayna BaumeisterDayna Baumeister,
    Co-Founder, Biomimicry 3.8, USA

    Michel BraungartMichael Braungart, Chemist
    & Founder, EPEA Internationale
    Umweltforschung GmbH, Germany

    Tags: Sustainable Design, Resource Efficiency, Waste Management, Innovation, Corporate Sustainability / CSR

  • Scaling Up Waste-to-Profit Strategies: New Tools and Best Practices

    Thursday, March 27 / 4:00pm - 5:00pm
    Room 11

    Many companies work hard to reduce their environmental footprints by implementing waste minimization or zero waste strategies. But industrial symbiosis and other emerging tools can turn waste streams into profit centers. This session will showcase leading edge practices and provide new insights on transforming wastes into profits.

    Speakers Include:

    Casavant, TracyTracy Casavant, Executive Director,
    Light House, Canada

    Laybourn, PeterPeter Laybourn, Chief Executive,
    International Synergies, United Kingdom

    Gratton, RenéeRenee L. Gratton, Founding President,
    Construction Resource Initiatives Council, Canada

    Jason_PelzJason Pelz, Vice President, Environment,
    Tetra Pak Inc., USA

    thomas carpenterThomas Carpenter, Managing Director,
    Sustainability Services, Waste Management, Inc., USA

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management, Sustainable Design


  • The Sharing Economy: Capitalizing on a Powerful New Sustainable Business Model

    Thursday, March 27 / 8:30am - 10:00am
    Room 2

    The “collaborative” or “sharing” economy is a disruptive new business model where information technology and social media is used to sell, share, trade, rent, or borrow unused assets. Collectively these activities earn extra income, save money, and use resources more efficiently. Learn from the early pioneers in the sharing economy on how you can capitalize on this powerful new business model.

    Speakers Include:

    Van Seters, DavidDavid Van Seters, President,
    Sustainability Ventures, Canada

    John AtchesonJohn Atcheson, Founder & CEO,
    Stuffstr, USA

    Ormesher, PeterPeter Ormesher, CFO,
    Zipments, Canada

    Chris DiplockChris Diplock, Lead Researcher,
    Collective Research Group, Canada

    Hatton, Daryl2Daryl Hatton, Founder & CEO,, Canada

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management


  • From the Inside Out: Transformational Company Best Practices

    Wednesday, March 26 / 10:30am - 11:45am
    Room 1

    How can we mobilize a global transformation of the business world? What are the leadership attributes necessary to make businesses more effective while accelerating sustainability? By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, setting bold agendas, and establishing “buy-in” at all levels, leading companies are forging a breakthrough path to shareholder and societal value creation. This session will explore how and why businesses are pursuing transformational goals from the inside out.

    Speakers Include:

    Strandberg, CoroCoro Strandberg, Associate, CBSR & Principal,
    Strandberg Consulting, Canada (M)

    Andrea_Goertz_050_2012Andrea Goertz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives &
    Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer, Telus, Canada

    Ana DominguezAna Dominguez, President & General Manager,
    SC Johnson Canada

    John CoyneJohn D. Coyne, Vice President, Legal & External, 
    Affairs & General Counsel, Unilever Canada Inc.

    Charlene Wall-WarrenCharlene Wall-Warren, Director of Sustainability,
    BASF North America, USA

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Waste Management


  • National Zero Waste Council: Advancing a Waste Prevention and Reduction Agenda in Canada

    Friday, March 28 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
    Room 11

    Presented in Collaboration with Metro Vancouver and the National Zero Waste Council

    Metro VancouverNational Zero Waste Council

    Waste generation - ranging from food to packaging and beyond - is one of Canada's leading economic and environmental challenges facing cities and communities across the country. Canada's National Zero Waste Council is a new cross-sectoral leadership initiative tackling this challenge head on, driving forward a national waste prevention and reduction agenda by encouraging design and behavior change in support of a shift to a circular economy and a world without waste.

    Moderated by CBC's Marketplace Host, Erica Johnson, this session will discuss and debate how the Council best moves forward a waste prevention agenda, what a supporting business case looks like and who needs to be involved to make large-scale system change possible.

    Speakers Include:

    Erica JohnsonErica Johnson, Host, Marketplace,
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

    Jamie ButterworthJamie Butterworth, Chief Executive,
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom

    Nathalie St-PierreNatalie St. Pierre, Vice President - Sustainability and Quebec,
    Retail Council of Canada

    Shelley CarrollShelley Carroll, Councillor, City of Toronto,
    & Director, National Zero Waste Council, Canada

    Michael GoeresMichael Goeres, Executive Director,
    Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

  • Embedding Sustainability in Company Culture: Learning from Research and Practice

    Friday, March 28 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
    Room 8

    In Collaboration with the Network for Business Sustainability

    When sustainability is integrated into an organization's culture, it becomes an everyday, enduring practice. The Network for Business Sustainability brought together leading companies and researchers to find the best ways to help make sustainability "what we do around here." Find out what they've learned about embedding sustainability into organizational culture, and about their unique experience working together to improve company practices and co-create knowledge. Session participants will also hear about a new set of guidebooks and tools being developed from the project.

    Panelists Include:

    Pamela LaughlandPam Laughland, Managing Director, Network for Business Sustainability, Canada

    Stephanie BertelsStephanie Bertels, Assistant Professor, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Canada

    James Gray-DonaldJames Gray-Donald, Vice President, Sustainability, Bentall Kennedy, Canada

    Nathan MaycherNathan Maycher, Manager, Sustainable Development, ConocoPhillips Canada

    turner, carmenCarmen Turner, Leader, Sustainability, Teck Resources, Canada