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GLOBE 2014
Food and water are two of the most fundamental elements of our daily lives, yet in many respects, they are also two of the most mismanaged resources in the world. Competition for fresh water and arable land for food production have increased to the point that the scarcity of both is now a harsh reality in every continent, not just developing nations. Climate change impacts and continuous population growth add to the scarcity issues resulting in some potentially very serious problems in the future. This theme will explore how the staples of life may be in peril and what businesses, governments, and citizens can do about it.


  • Food and Water Security in a Changing World

    Thursday, March 27 / 2:45pm - 3:45pm
    Room 8

    New research has shown that global warming will significantly impact our capacity to grow food and our ability to provide secure access to clean water, the two basics of survival for any society. Changing climate conditions will not only impact businesses dependent on agricultural production and clean water, but also will affect every level of society. Learn why food and water security is not only essential for economic growth and social stability, but also for the continued survival of business.

    Speakers Include:

    Deborah-HarfordDeborah Harford, Executive Director,
    Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT),
    Simon Fraser University, Canada

    Marco FerroniMarco Ferroni, Executive Director, Syngenta
    Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland

    Torgny HolgremTorgny Holmgren, Executive Director,
    Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden

    Bob SandfordBob Sandford, EPCOR Chair,
    Canadian Partnership Initiative

    Tim BrownTim Brown, President & CEO,
    Nestlé Waters North America, USA

    Tags: Climate Change, Resource Efficiency, Clean Technology, Infrastructure, Climate Adaptation


  • The Business of Water

    Thursday, March 27 / 4:00pm - 5:00pm
    Room 8

    Water is not only a necessity of life, but also a vital factor for business survival. Many sectors actively compete for secure access to water, and the management, treatment, and delivery of water has become a massive global industry. How can the interests of all parties be met equitably? Join this panel of industry experts and insiders as they discuss the business of water today and in the future.

    Speakers Include:

    Latham, ToddTodd Latham, Founder & Publisher,
    Water Canada

    Rich Biz Card PhotoRich Cavagnaro, CEO,
    Adedge Water Technologies LLC, USA

    Al ChoAlbert Cho, Vice President for Strategy and
    Business Development, Xylem Inc., USA

    McKaigue, ShaunShaun McKaigue, CEO,
    FEr-PAL Infrastructure Ltd., Canada

    Jane PagelJane Pagel, Former President & CEO,
    Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), Canada

  • Food, Water, and Energy: The Next Green Revolution

    Friday, March 28 / 10:15am - 11:15am
    Room 8

    Many of the mega-trends influencing food and water security are going in the wrong direction. As we look to the future addressing these trends will require innovation and unprecedented levels of capacity scale-up. The “next green revolution” will require new energy sources, smart irrigation and nutrient systems, and storage and transportation systems that are less reliant on traditional approaches. How can we innovate and transfer these practices in order to realize the global opportunities? How can we promote economic and social well-being for billions of people while, at the same time, ensuring that the ecosystem can sustain these benefits?

    Speakers Include:

    Bruce DudleyBruce Dudley, Senior Vice President,
    Delphi Group, Canada (M)

    Laurence BlandfordLaurence Blandford, Director, Partnerships Division,
    Climate Change International, Environment Canada

    Charles McKeownCharles McKeown, Assistant Director,
    Global Center for Food System Innovation, Michigan State University, USA

    Whittaker, RickRick Whittaker, Vice President of Investments & CTO,
    Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Canada

  • SPARK Talks: Food Systems

    Wednesday, March 26 / 4:30pm - 5:30pm
    Room 11

    The rise of megacities gives rise to mega-challenges in feeding urban residents. Rising transportation costs, increasing densification, limited access to croplands, and shifting preferences for locally produced food are all changing how cities feed themselves. Hear from thought leaders about how new food-based business models, supply systems, and adaptation strategies are impacting the relationship between urban living and food.

    Speakers Include:

    Mark BrandMark Brand, CEO, Save-on-Meats & Founder,
    A Better Life Foundation, Canada

    Harper, CalebCaleb Harper, Founder,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) CityFARM, USA

    Tags: Clean Technology, Resource Efficiency, Climate Adaption