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GLOBE 2014
Financing is at the heart of driving sustainable innovation, especially in a growing clean technology market estimated to be worth US$170 billion. In a world of resource scarcity, increased international competition, climate change, and scarce financial resources, clean technology R&D and sustainable projects require significant financial capital. How can private, public, and institutional investors see new opportunities to seek new investment targets? This series of sessions explores the importance of understanding the current market for capital and emerging trends in the world of clean capitalism.
  • Following the Money Trail: Liquid Capital in the Cleantech Sector

    Wednesday, March 26 / 3:15pm - 4:15pm
    Room 2

    The cleantech sector, once seen as the savior of a troubled global economy, is feeling the impacts of increasingly risk averse financial markets. What must cleantech companies do to find new sources of funding? Listen as investors from the global financial community discuss the cleantech money trail and where they see liquid capital flowing over the near term.

    Speakers Include:

    Nicholas ParkerNicholas Parker, Founder & Managing Partner,
    Global Acceleration Partners, Canada (M)

    Vicky SharpeVicky Sharpe, President & CEO,
    Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)

    Van Bommel, TonyTony Van Bommel, Senior Managing Partner,
    Energy & Cleantech Venture Fund, BDC
    Venture Capital, Canada

    Kousaie, MichaelMichael Kousaie, Head of Business Development,
    Renewable Energy & Clean Technology,
    TMX Group, Canada

    Gillard, KeithKeith Gillard, General Partner,
    Pangaea Ventures Ltd., Canada

    Tags: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy


  • Private Public Policy for a Sustainable Economy

    Wednesday, March 26 / 3:15pm - 4:15pm
    Room 11

    Climate-related risks and sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important for today’s business. Can companies and governments work together to develop policies that tackle these growing challenges? Hear from the chief executives of some of Canada’s largest companies as they discuss the actions they are taking to grow a new class of clean capitalism.

    Speakers Include:

    Heaps, TobyToby Heaps, Co-Founder & President,
    Corporate Knights Inc., Canada

    KathyBardswickKathy Bardswick, President & CEO,
    The Co-operators Group Ltd., Canada

    Labistour, David - CEO, MECDavid Labistour, CEO,
    Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada

    KEESMAAT_JenniferJennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner & Executive Director,
    City of Toronto, Canada

    Muzyka, DanDaniel F. Muzyka, President & CEO,
    The Conference Board of Canada

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Public Policy, Resource Efficiency, Climate Change


  • Evolution or Revolution: Innovation in Sustainable Finance

    Thursday, March 27 / 8:30am - 10:00am
    Room 1

    In a world of increasing financial constraints and risks, new innovative financial models such as crowd-sourced funding and green bonds have become increasingly prominent. Other traditional financial tools such as stock and derivatives markets are undergoing significant changes and increasingly are adopting sustainability metrics. Is change happening fast enough? Hear from the innovators who are redefining the global financial markets.

    Speakers Include:

    Philcox, NeilNeil Philcox, Co-Founder & Partner,
    The Blended Capital Group, Ltd, Canada

    Rand, TomTom Rand, Advisor, Cleantech,
    MaRS, Canada

    Peter AdriaensPeter Adriaens, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan &
    Co-Founder & CEO, KeyStone Compact Group LLC, USA

    David BerlinerDavid Berliner, CEO,
    CoPower, Canada

    RodLever_March08 Rod Lever, Strategic Accounts, Cleantech Lead,
    Export Development Canada, Canada

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Innovation


  • Leveraging the Power of Money to Create a More Responsible World

    Wednesday, March 26 / 4:30pm - 5:30pm
    Room 2

    Increasingly, investors are not just looking for high financial yields, but also superior environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related performance and risk-adjusted returns. How are mutual funds, REITs and other investment vehicles reducing financial risks, as well as engaging corporations and the global investment community, in order to create change in the marketplace? What sustainability-related criteria are institutional investors and others using? What are they looking for when it comes to prioritizing their investment portfolios? Hear from leading investors about how they are leveraging the power of money in order to create a more environmentally and socially responsible world.

    Speakers Include:

    Sandra OdendahlSandra Odendahl, Director, Corporate Sustainability & Head,
    Social Finance Initiative, RBC, Canada

    Bob WalkerBob Walker, Vice President, ESG Services,
    NEI Investments, Canada

    Eckel, JeffJeffrey Eckel, President & CEO,
    Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure, USA

    Solomon, JoelJoel Solomon, President, Renewal Partners & Chairman,
    Renewal Funds, Canada

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Transparency, Public Policy


  • Financial Markets & The Move Towards Responsible Capital Management

    Thursday, March 27 / 1:30pm - 2:30pm
    Room 2

    Today stock exchanges on every continent have introduced sustainability listing requirements. This trend is only set to continue. Information about sustainability performance and impacts is not only useful to the organization in question or consumers demanding transparency; it is also vital to meet the demands of markets. Institutional investors use non-financial transparency as a proxy to the long-term viability and profitability of business. Find out how the financial markets are making strides to regulate this practice and how your business can best prepare. 

    Speakers Include:

    Susan McGeachieSusan McGeachie, Market Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability Services,
    Ernst & Young, Canada (M)

    Adam KanzerAdam Kanzer, Managing Director & General Counsel,
    Domini Social Investments, USA

    Barbara PomfretBarbara Pomfret, Senior Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Analyst,
    Bloomberg LP, USA

    Desiré CarrollDesiré Carroll, Senior Technical Manager - IFRS & Sustainability,
    American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), USA

    Jennifer CoulsonJennifer Coulson, Manager of Shareholder Engagement,
    British Columbia Investment Management Corp. (bcIMC), Canada

    Tags: Transparency, Corporate Sustainability / CSR

  • Green is the New Black: The Growing Role of the C-Suite in Sustainability

    Friday, March 28 / 8:30am - 9:45am
    Room 11

    “Green” and sustainability solutions are becoming an increasingly integral part of financial planning and the work of the C-Suite and boards. Corporate executives are being asked to strategically evaluate new means to reduce cost, increase tax efficiency, manage risks, as well as meet shareholder expectations. Understanding sustainability is becoming essential for a company’s senior management and its board of directors for not just meeting the inherent challenges of an ever more competitive global economy, but with respect to identifying the opportunities for new business. Find out how organizations are embedding sustainability into core business strategy, and how this is changing the tone at the top.

    Clarence House staff, December 2013Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman,
    The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Project, United Kingdom (M)

    Warren Allen 2012Warren Allen, President,
    International Federation of Accountants, USA

    Henry StochHenry Stoch, Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change,
    Deloitte Canada

    Beverley BriscoeBeverley Briscoe, Chair of Audit Committee,
    Goldcorp Inc., Canada

    Patrick DanielPatrick Daniel, Former President & CEO,
    Enbridge Inc., Canada

    Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Transparency

  • Clean Capitalism Armchair: Innovation and the Clean Technology Future

    Wednesday, March 26 / 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    Clean energy technology holds the promise for a more sustainable, less carbon intensive economic future. But policies and programs to stimulate investment in such technologies and to promote their wider deployment need to be expanded. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an internationally recognized environmentalist, and Wal van Lierop, President and CEO of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, will share the stage at GLOBE 2014 as part of a special armchair dialogue on innovation and the future of clean technology. This lively discussion will reveal why a well-known environmentalist and a respected businessman share a passion about clean capitalism, namely that profit, innovation, and solving environmental problems can all be enhanced by embracing clean technology innovation.

    Speakers Include:

    Kennedy, RobertRobert F. Kennedy, Jr., President, Watekeeper Alliance,
    & Venture Partner, Vantage Point Capital, USA


    Lierop, Wal vanWal van Lierop, Co-Founder, President & CEO,
    Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

    Tags: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy

  • From Innovation To Market: The Business Of Acceleration And Path Finding

    Friday, March 28 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
    Room 2

    Innovation is a key engine of growth in the 21st century. To achieve the growth, innovation must be augmented with suitable commercialization. This session will explore some of the approaches being used to link innovation to industry and businesses in the marketplace. The focus is on effective ways to connect products and services from technology solution providers in the SME community with needs of corporations and organizations, bringing benefits to both sides.

    Speakers Include:

    Elmer SumElmer Sum, Co-Founder,
    GreenTech Exchange & PowerHaus Network, Canada

    Neil HuffNeil Huff, Executive Director,
    Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, Canada

    Christian HaeuselmannChristian Haeuselmann, Co-Founder,
    Swiss Cleantech and Global Cleantech Cluster Association, Switzerland

    Mike VolkerMike Volker, President,
    GreenAngel Energy Corporation & Co-Founder, PowerHaus Network, Canada

    John O'Brien - ColourJohn O’Brien, Managing Director,
    Sino Cleantech, Australia

    Tags: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy