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GLOBE 2014
  • Spotlight on China: Our Shared Future

    Friday, March 28 / 8:30am - 11:15am
    Room 1

    China's Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) and other government policies have set ambitious targets for greener growth and greater social stability in rural and inland areas. Repairing China's damaged waterways, agricultural lands, and improving air and water quality in major urban areas, the costs of which are estimated at over $400 billion, are straining the resources of national and state authorities that might better be used to move China toward the more resilient and ecologically sensitive economy it desires.

    Despite its continued dependency on fossil fuel energy resources, China has become the world's largest market for renewable energy deployment and one of the largest suppliers of clean energy technologies. This is creating exciting new partnership opportunities for foreign suppliers.

    Business and government leaders at the forefront of these new partnerships will share their insights on the challenges, risks and the enormous opportunities that are reshaping the Middle Kingdom. Learn why helping to "green" China is also a way to green the entire world.

    Host & Moderator:

    Johnathan WoetzelJonathan Woetzel, Director,
    McKinsey & Co. & Co-Chair, Urban China Initiative

    Opening Keynote:

    Teresa WatHon. Teresa Wat, Minister of International Trade,
    Province of British Columbia, Canada


    Wang YiningWang YiNing, Secretary General,
    China Association of Machinery Industry for Environmental Protection (CAMIE), China

    Fang LiFang Li, Deputy Director General, Foreign Economic Cooperation Center,
    Ministry of Environmental Protection & Assistant Secretary General, CCICED, China

    Du HaolinDu Haolin, Manager,
    China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Group, China

    Panel Participants:

    Wong, RositaRosita Wong, Founder & President,
    EastGroup, China

    John O'Brien - ColourJohn O'Brien, Managing Director,
    Sino Cleantech, Australia

    Nicholas ParkerNicholas Parker, Managing Partner,
    Global Acceleration Partners Inc., Canada

    Stephen ClarkeStephen Clarke, Vice President,
    Phase Separation Solutions, Canada