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GLOBE 2014
Cities everywhere are grappling with the challenges of population growth, fluctuating energy prices, shortages in funds for infrastructure renewal, and the need to deal with the often devastating impacts of extreme weather incidents. There is an urgent need for flexible yet long-term urban management policies and programs that span everything from energy and water supply, to transportation, waste management, and infrastructure. Sessions in this theme will zero in on some of today’s most pertinent issues related to building more resilient cities.
  • Next Generation Cities: Smarter, Faster, Better

    Wednesday, March 26 / 3:15pm - 4:15pm

    Information and communication technologies are fueling the urban revolution in how people live, work, and enjoy life in today’s society. What will cities of the future look like? Be inspired by the visionaries that are spearheading the next generation approach to running cities?

    Speakers Include:

    Berst, JesseJesse Berst, Chairman,
    Smart Cities Council, USA

    Wilm ElfrinkWim Elfrink, Executive Vice
    President, Industry Solutions &
    Chief Globalisation Officer,
    Cisco Systems Inc., USA

    Bruce HayneBruce Hayne, Deputy Mayor
    City of Surrey, Canada

    Tags: Clean Technology, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure, Innovation, Renewable Energy, Green Buildings, Transportation


  • Regenerative Design for High-Performance, Net Positive Communities

    Wednesday, March 26 / 10:30am - 11:45am
    Room 2

    Regenerative design is a process-oriented approach that uses sustainable systems principles to integrate the needs of society with the power of nature. Hear from those who are using regenerative design and “energy-positive” concepts for developing the high-performance communities of today and tomorrow.

    Speakers Include:

    MacLeod8-17-09Douglas MacLeod, Chair, RAIC Center for Architecture,
    Athabasca University, Canada

    Kurczak, BradenBraden Kurczak, Manager of Buildings – Sustainability,
    MMM Group Limited, & Associate Manager of Sustainability,
    Enermodal Engineering, Canada

    Peter Busby to Speak at GLOBE 2014Peter Busby, Managing Director,
    Perkins + Will, USA

    Mona LemoineMona Lemoine, Executive Director,
    Cascadia Green Building Council &
    Vice-President, Education and Events,
    International Living Future Institute, Canada

    Sadhu JohnstonSadhu Johnston, Founder & Co-Chair,
    Urban Sustainability Directors Network
    & Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver, Canada

    Tags: Sustainable Design, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Green Buildings

  • Striving for Carbon Neutral Cities: What Will It Take?

    Wednesday, March 26 / 12:45pm - 1:45pm
    Room 11

    Many cities in North America have committed to an 80 per cent carbon reduction by 2050. Other cities around the world are working to lower their carbon footprint by promoting high-performance building construction and best practices that favour more energy efficient operations. This interactive session will shed new light on the efforts of those striving to develop carbon neutral cities.

    Speakers Include:

    Goodland, HelenHelen Goodland, Principal,
    Brantwood Consulting, Canada

    Stephan TannerStephan Tanner, Principal,
    Intep Integrated Planning LLC, USA

    J Partin head shot_2Johanna Partin, North America Regional Director,
    C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, USA

    Jørgen AbildgaardJørgen Abildgaard, Executive Climate Project
    Director, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Gregor Robertson, Mayor,
    City of Vancouver, Canada

    Tags: Climate Change, Green Buildings, Public Policy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency


  • The Infrastructure Deficit: A Problem or an Opportunity?

    Thursday, March 27 / 10:45am - 12:00pm
    Room 8

    The costs to replace or revitalize infrastructure is beyond the capacity of many cash-strapped cities. But new investment models could turn the infrastructure deficit into opportunities to create healthier, more climate resilient cities. This session will explore cutting edge financing models and investment tools to enable the widespread scale-up of sustainable infrastructure projects.

    Speakers Include:

    Latham, ToddTodd Latham, Founder / Publisher,
    ReNew Canada

    Williams, JohnJohn Williams, Chairman & CEO,
    Impact Infrastructure LLC, USA

    Psomas, TimTimothy Psomas, Chair,
    Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, USA

    Peter HalsallPeter Halsall, President & CEO,
    Canadian Urban Institute

    Tags: Public Policy, Transportation, Infrastructure, Green Buildings, Climate Adaption


  • Resilient Cities Don’t Just Happen: Embracing Global Best Practices

    Friday, March 28 / 8:30am - 9:45am
    Room 8

    Many cities are making unprecedented investments in sustainability, but lingering challenges remain about measuring and reporting on their success. Hear from city leaders that have developed solid performance indicators to measure urban sustainability and to make their cities more resilient for the long-term.

    Speakers Include:

    David ReidDavid Reid, Manager of Environmental Planning & Design,
    Golder Associates Ltd., Canada

    SouthwoodJeanette Southwood, Global Sustainable Cities Leader &
    Urban Development & Infrastructure Leader – Canada,
    Golder Associates Ltd., Canada

    Cramer, Jacqueline 400Jacqueline Cramer, Director,
    Utrecht Sustainability Institute, Netherlands

    Martha-Delgado-Peralta300Martha Delgado Peralta, General Director,
    Global Cities Covenant on Climate Secretariat,
    Fundación PENSAR. Planeta, Política, Persona, Mexico

    Stephen HuddartStephen Huddart, President & CEO,
    McConnell Foundation, Canada

    Sadhu JohnstonSadhu Johnston, Founder & Co-Chair,
    Urban Sustainability Directors Network
    & Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver, Canada

    Tags: Public Policy, Transportation, Infrastructure, Green Buildings, Climate Adaption, Innovation, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Design


  • Urban Adaptation: Planning For The Climate Realities of Today & Tomorrow

    Thursday, March 27 / 8:30am - 10:00am
    Room 11

    Presented in Co-operation with Metro Vancouver
    Metro Vancouver

    Major cities and communities around the world are feeling the growing economic and social impacts from climate change. Longer-term, rising sea levels, and other climate-related conditions are expected to have potential devastating consequences on many urban centres. These tangible and painful realities have sparked a new emphasis on contingency planning and climate adaptation measures. Find out how leaders from cities around the world are preparing for, and responding to, the devastating realities of climate-related disasters through innovative urban adaptation planning initiatives.

    Speakers Include:

    Andrea ReimerAndrea Reimer, Director, Metro Vancouver & City Councilor,
    City of Vancouver, Canada


    Leonardsen-LykkeLykke Leondarsen, Head of Climate Unit,
    City of Copenhagen, Denmark


    Riemann, Lars OstenfeldLars Ostenfeld Riemann, Group Market Director for
    Buildings & Design, Rambøll Management Consulting,


    John EnglanderJohn Englander, Author,
    “High Tide on Mainstreet”, USA


    Sarwo HandayaniSarwo Handayani, Deputy Governor for Spatial Planning & Environment,
    Jakarta Capital City Government, Indonesia

  • Leading by Example: WWF City Challenge Success Stories

    Thursday, March 27 / 1:30pm - 2:45pm
    Room 11

    In Partnership with WWF

    Cities around the globe recognize the inherent benefits of transitioning toward a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Despite best intentions and ambitious goals, cities face large challenges and barriers. Five progressive cities, all finalists in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge, will share their experiences in planning and creating sustainable urban environments. A panel of experts will look at how cities can better overcome barriers, with the help of innovative solutions and effective partnerships.

    Speakers Include:

    Evaeus, Barbara 400Barbara Evaeus, Manager of Climate Communications,
    WWF, Sweden

    David MillerDavid Miller, President & CEO,
    WWF Canada

    Borgstorm-Hansoon, Carina2 Carina Borgström-Hansson , Director,
    WWF Earth Hour City Challenge, Sweden

    Soderholm, Gunnar Gunnar Söderholm , Director Environment & Health,
    City of Stockholm, Sweden

    Garreth-Bloor Garreth Bloor , City Councillor & Member of the Mayoral Committee,
    City of Cape Town, South Africa

    Jørgen AbildgaardJørgen Abildgaard, Executive Climate Project
    Director, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Lacerda , Marcio Marcio Araujo de Lacerda , Mayor,
    City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Kim Hongju, Deputy Director of Eco-Mileage, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea

    Tags: Clean Technology, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Green Buildings, Public Policy


  • Business Case Workshop: Prioritizing Investments for Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

    Thursday, March 27 / 2:45pm - 5:30pm
    Room 10

    In Collaboration with Impact Infrastructure LLC, Stantec, and Autodesk

    Many communities are beginning to focus on the need to upgrade and reinforce local infrastructure as part of planning for sustainability, resiliency, and long-term economic growth. The demand for capital to support public infrastructure and building projects by far exceeds available public funding. At the same time that supplies of private impact capital are enormous, municipal governments are struggling to find ways to participate in infrastructure initiatives. Solving both problems requires access to objective, transparent, and standard tools that reveal project valuation and risk information making it available for real-time design and budgeting for specific projects and systems.

    This workshop will be led by experts in community planning, economic and risk assessment, project finance, and resiliency planning and will help municipal leaders, planners, and others prioritize investments in sustainable infrastructure projects.

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