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The Changing Energy Landscape

Energy is an issue that touches every person on the planet. Yet the global energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Read More

Food & Water: Protecting our Most Precious Resources

Food and water are two of the most fundamental elements of our daily lives, yet in many respects, they are also two of the most mismanaged resources in the world. Read More

Towards the Circular Economy

The circular economy is now gaining the attention of business, governments, and the next generation as the model to transform today’s “take-make-dispose” economy into one that is restorative by design. Read More

Responsible Resource Management

Climate change impacts, growing concerns about environmental degradation, and growing government oversight on the management of scarce natural resources are among the many challenges that are redefining corporate responsibility. Read More

Clean Capitalism: Financing Sustainable Innovation

Financing is at the heart of driving sustainable innovation, especially in a growing clean technology market estimated to be worth US$170 billion. Read More

Building Resilient Cities

Cities everywhere are grappling with the challenges of population growth, fluctuating energy prices, shortages in funds for infrastructure renewal, and the need to deal with the often devastating impacts of extreme weather incidents. Read More

China – Our Shared Future

China’s new leaders have declared ecological progress as a top national priority. Billions will be spent on measures to reduce energy consumption and to lower the country’s carbon intensity. Read More

The Aboriginal Advantage

Forging resource development agreements between Aboriginal communities and companies are becoming a business imperative, not an option. Read More