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All members of the media and technical support personnel MUST be pre-accredited to gain access to events at GLOBE 2014.

The GLOBE 2014 Conference & Trade Fair will be open to all designated pass holders who must be accepted as such by the GLOBE Foundation. As the event is of public interest and importance, working media will be granted access to report on proceedings free of charge. To gain credentials as media one must prove employment as such.

The following proves employment as media:
1. Byline in print or on-line with recognized media source
2. Letter from assignment editor of recognized media source
3. Photo identification as working with recognized media source
4. Working for a website in existence and defined as "covering related news"

Click here to view the full media accreditation policy for GLOBE 2014.

Submit your application online »

Contact for media inquiries:
Rebecca Peters
Laura Ballance Media Group


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