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Peter Williams

Distinguished Engineer & Chief Technology Officer - Big Green Innovations, IBM Corporation, USA

Dr. Peter Williams is the Chief Technology Officer for IBM's Big Green Innovations incubator, whose role is to create environmentally focused businesses for IBM.  He is responsible for assembling, maintaining and developing the portfolio of businesses included, and technologies used.  His particular focus areas have been PV technologies; developing green house gas reduction solutions and services; and most intensively, water management solutions, covering entire water resources (for example entire rivers or aquifers), utility infrastructures, and enterprise water management.  As such, he has had a major role in developing IBM's water management solution framework and a number of specific areas of intellectual property within that.  He has also been heavily involved in creating the intellectual foundation for IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative, with particular reference to urban integration, and disaster management, issues.

Dr. Williams holds the title of IBM Distinguished Engineer, and is also a visiting lecturer on Environmental Informatics at Stanford University.  By background, he is a management consultant with well over 20 years' experience of bringing technology and business issues together to develop novel solutions and business models.  He holds or co-holds, or has pending, 8 US patents.  A native of the UK, he has lived in California since 1999, and is married with three children.  His PhD was awarded by the School of Management at the University of Bath, England, in 1986.

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