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Christopher Smith

Director of Sustainable Operations Practice, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, USA

Christopher A. Smith, Director, Sustainable Operations, brings a breadth of experience encompassing operations, sales and marketing, and business management across multiple industries.  A 14-year DuPont veteran, Smith leads the Energy Efficiency Practice and provides strategic counsel to a range of clients in the oil and gas, healthcare, and aerospace industries. His expertise includes structuring complex operations risk management solutions, overseeing the execution of consulting engagement management teams, and consulting at the executive level.  Smith's expertise and experience has been instrumental in each of his clients achieving sustained improvements in operational, safety and environmental performance.

Previously Smith managed strategic business relationships for DuPont's Printed Circuit Materials electronics business where he increased DuPont's market share from 35% to 85% over a two-year period.  Prior to that, he provided technical and operations supervisory leadership in DuPont's Specialty Chemical manufacturing facilities.  In addition to general operations management, Smith managed the planning, design, construction and start-up of a chemical process capital project.

Smith holds a bachelor of chemical engineering degree from the University of Delaware, USA and has been the recipient of many business and technical awards, including a Corporate Marketing and Sales Excellence Awards and a DuPont Specialty Chemicals Technical Excellence Award.  He is a member of the Aerospace Industries Association EH&S subcommittee and has spoken on the topic of operations risk management at various conferences including Globe 2010 and the keynote speech at India's Oil Industry Safety Directorate.  He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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