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Philip Parnell

Partner, Head of Real Estate Management & Valuation, Drivers Jonas Deloitte, UK

Following graduation from Kingston University in 1995 Philip joined Drivers Jonas.  Specialising in Valuation since 1997 and undertaking a wide variety of assignments ranging from the valuation of single assets for loan security purposes to large portfolios for accounts and unit pricing, he now heads the Firm's Valuation and Management Teams.

In addition to mainstream valuation work, Philip has developed a keen interest in the area of Sustainability - and particularly its potential implications for both property values and valuation methodology.  Most recently Philip has chaired the RICS' response to the Vancouver Valuation Accord - an international agreement aimed at embedding the principles of Sustainability into Valuation standards and methods.

Philip was a member of the RICS Presidential Commission on Sustainability and is the pervious Chair of the RICS Valuation Sustainability Working Group - part of whose current remit has been to deliver Valuation Information Papers on 'Sustainability and Commercial Property Valuation' as well as a similar document for residential premises in the UK.

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