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Matthew McDermott

Editor - Business, Politics & Energy, TreeHugger.com, USA

Mat McDermott edits the Business and Energy sections of Discovery Communication's TreeHugger.com, as well as writing about resource consumption, animal welfare issues and the response of religious communities to environmental problems. Driving his work are two main convictions: 1) Our current environmental problems-climate change, biodiversity losses, peak fossil fuels, natural resource over consumption-are but symptoms of the greater problem of fetishizing material economic growth; and 2) only by first changing our minds, recognizing the literal and metaphorical interconnected nature of all life, will we make the lasting external changes required to create an ecologically sustainable civilization. In addition to his work with TreeHugger, Mat is an advisor for The Bhumi Project, "a worldwide Hindu response to environmental issues facing our planet...facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies."

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