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Toby Heaps

Co-founder & President, Corporate Knights Inc., Canada

Toby Heaps is the co-founder and CEO of Corporate Knights Inc., the company for clean capitalism.

In 2005, Toby spearheaded the first global ranking of the world's 100 most sustainable corporations, which is now an annual staple of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Toby has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in Economics, and one year in the Belgrade Field Program (LLB in Management Studies) with the London School of Economics and Political Science

He has been published in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail. In 2008, Toby served as Press Secretary to Ralph Nader. Before founding Corporate Knights, Toby was the managing editor of the Mutual Fund Review magazine and Planning for Profits magazine.

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